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Who Is At Fault In a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slipping and falling at home, in a store, in a parking lot, at the office or anywhere else is a common occurrence. It is also common for people to suffer serious injuries from accidents caused by dangerous conditions. They may slip on a wet floor, trip over an object, or fall because the premises are not properly maintained. For example, a rickety stairwell or a poorly lit room could cause an accident.

Determining liability for your fall

If you suffer from slip and fall injuries, you need an attorney who can determine who is responsible for your accident. Even if you failed to pay attention, a property owner still may be responsible for your injuries. Someone who is leasing the property from the owner also may be responsible.

How do you know if the property owner or someone else caused your accident? Our attorneys examines the facts to prove who caused or ignored the dangerous condition. We can also determine if someone should have known about and fixed the unsafe condition because it would have been apparent to a “reasonable” person.

Determining whether the property owner or person controlling the premises should have known about the unsafe condition may be tricky. Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson have been representing victims of slip and fall accidents for decades and have experience asking the right questions to determine liability.

We investigate if the property was properly inspected and maintained and how long the condition existed. We can determine if the property owner could have made the premises safer and if the owner should have put up warning signs. Any of these situations can make it reasonable that the property owner is liable for your accident.

Let our expertise and extensive track record for handling slip and fall accidents help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact 888.746.8212, so our reputable personal injury attorneys can protect your interests.

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