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Barry Salzman

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Barry SalzmanI grew up in Nassau County and have since returned there to raise my family. Since my admission to the bar, I have been representing seriously injured accident victims from all walks of life.

While attending college, I had the privilege of working for late United States Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a deeply committed humanitarian. Working with Senator Moynihan allowed me to help New Yorkers resolve problems they faced on a wide range of issues. In large part, it was this experience that led me to a career as an injury attorney.

After law school, I became associated with a personal injury law firm specializing in appeals. My mentor was one of the top appellate lawyers in New York, and we handled appeals work because it enabled me to play an active role in reversing the wrongs committed in the trial courts. Also, I could learn from the mistakes made by other attorneys. For the next three years, I handled many appeals of cases concerning automobile accidents and premises negligence, medical malpractice, drug products liability, labor law, and municipal liability. A number of those appeals involved novel issues and resulted in the expansion of rights for injured victims. For example, in a case of first impression, the appellate court banned a dental clinic's long-standing practice of forcing its patients, as a precondition to receiving treatment, to sign agreements promising not to sue the dental center if malpractice was committed. The court adopted my legal arguments and found that these exculpatory agreements were against public policy. This legal victory was covered on the front page of the New York Law Journal.

Although I still handle appeals, the focus of my career for the past ten years has been working to get my clients proper compensation either in a settlement or a trial. I am involved in every aspect of a client's case from intake through trial. I enjoy working to overcome challenges that others would simply give up on. I am particularly proud of my work on behalf of injured firefighters who risk their lives every day in an effort to protect all of us. Currently, I am representing almost 200 firefighters burned in the line of duty because they were asked to fight fires without given the proper protective clothing and equipment.

Although my work is not always easy and the causes I fight not always popular, I constantly remind myself that behind every case is an individual whose life has been significantly changed by his or her injury. What keeps me motivated is knowing that my hard work can make enormous positive changes in the lives of my clients and make bad situations a little more bearable. In our society, lawyers are constantly ridiculed as being selfish and greedy. I am tremendously gratified when clients tell me that their dealings with me have forever changed their negative perceptions of lawyers.

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