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Dana Cohen
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Dana Cohen—Of Counsel

Dana CuttingI was born in the Bahamas and raised in Brooklyn. After I received my bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Archaeology, I completed a paralegal program at New York University.  My first paralegal job was with a firm that specialized in personal injury cases.  Working on behalf of seriously injured people had a profound effect on me.  I met people suffering, and helping them meant the world to me.  As a lawyer, it still does.

I began working at Barasch McGarry as a paralegal in 1998.  I remained with the firm throughout law school, working during the day, and attending classes after work.  This was an exhausting time for me and a trying time for my family.  My days were long—I began work early in the morning and attended classes late into the evening.  I was seldom at home, and when I was, it was to study or sleep.  In 2004, I graduated magna cum laude from Brooklyn Law School.

What always has motivated me is that, through this work as an NYC personal injury attorney, I can help to restore dignity and quality to people's lives, and stand up for them when they might otherwise be forgotten.

I am especially honored to work on behalf of the lion-hearted members of the New York City Fire Department.  It is my fortune to know them.

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