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Edward L. C. Marcowitz is a partner at the New York City personal injury firm, Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson P.C. Mr. Marcowitz values the relationships with his clients and understands the decisions he helps them make can be life changing. Mr. Marcowitz values the relationships with his clients and understands the decisions he helps them make can be life changing. With this knowledge he understands the most valuable services he can provide a client, in addition to his legal skills, are personal attention, honesty and the development of a trusting relationship.

Mr. Marcowitz worked extensively with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001. He was the handling attorney for over 60 Widows of Firefighters who were murdered on 9/11/01. In addition he was a member of Trial Lawyers Care, an organization that provided pro bono service to the victims of the terrorist attacks.

He represents his clients with an unmatched tenacity. Each case is prepared thoroughly, completely without regard to expense. His firm is prepared to do whatever it takes to match any well-funded defendant. His background and work ethic bring a unique approach to the practice of law. Eddie put himself through law school while working full time pressing shirts in his family owned Dry Cleaning business. Never forgetting where he comes from he treats each client with the utmost respect and he works tirelessly to ensure that their financial needs are fully met.  He is humbled by the fact that he assisted in the recovery of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.

He also continues to enjoy providing pro bono pension consulting to New York’s Bravest and other members of New York’s Uniform Services where he can.

Honors and awards

  • Trial Lawyers Care – the largest Pro Bono effort in history.  “Trial Lawyers Care, Inc., hereby recognizes and thanks Edward L.C. Marcowitz as a Lawyer Volunteer willing to provide free, quality legal representation to eligible victims and their families who seek compensation under the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund.  We appreciate the generous donation of your legal expertise and your dedication to helping the victims and families touched by the events of September 11th.”, Trial Lawyers Care, 2004
  • Recognized by ATLA “for outstanding service to individuals and families who sought compensation under the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund. Your selfless efforts made Trial Lawyers Care the largest pro bono legal services program in history, providing free representation to more than 1,700 victim families.  It is our distinct honor to recognize and celebrate your essential contribution to this achievement.”, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 2004
  • Successfully overturned Five Medical Board Decisions and consequently 5 New York City Firefighters who were injured at ground zero were awarded their disabitly pensions.

Scholarly lectures and writings

  • In March of 2011 I was a lecturer at the Feel Good Foundation Legal Forum on the James Zadroga Act.  This forum was presented at Queens College. I was one of six attorneys on the Panel.  I gave the introductory remarks on the history of the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund. At the conclusion of the lecture the six attorney panel participated in an question and answer session.  In the past two years I have been an invited speaker at the New Jersey Firefighter Union convention on the issues of the Zadroga WTC Fund and Firefighter Hearing Loss. , Speaker, Attorney, Feal Good Foundation, 2011

Pro bono/community service

  • In January of 2014 I was retained as an expert witness in a case in Chicago dealing with the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund.  I was honored and privileged that Ken Feinberg, the Special Master of the original Fund felt so good about the work that I had done that he sent a two page letter on my behalf which basically served to qualify me as an expert in the case.  After I testified the claim was settled for a dollar amount which made it one of the highest dollar value awards for a death case in the first September 11th Victims Compensation Fund.   For my services instead of a fee I chose to donate the entirety of my $10,000 retainer equally to both the Uniform Firefighters Widows and Children’s Fund and the Uniformed Officers Bravest Fund.   It is truly the least I could do for those in the community that I represent.
  • I began working on behalf of September 11th Victims in January of 2002.  At that time I was hired by one of the largest Plaintiff Personal Injury Firms in the State of New York and was the attorney handling the September 11th Pro Bono Program.  I worked virtually around the clock on behalf of families and victims of the attacks. Ken Feinberg,  the Administrator and Special Master of the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund,  said of me that “no one had done more on behalf of the widows of deceased firefighters”.  It was one of my greatest honors. Ultimately, due to our efforts, we recovered over $280 Million Dollars.  Afterward, the cards and letters that I received in recognition for that work were very heart warming.  To this day I remain friends with many of the people I represented.  One client in particular, Brendon Whelan a New York City Fire Officer, sent me a lovely card that is framed and hangs in my office till this day.  It states, “there’s no way that I could ever possibly thank you and your staff enough! Your kindness will never be forgotten. It’s people like you and your staff that make this world a much better place.”It was my work at the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund that led to my friendship and ultimately my partnership with Michael Barasch.  After beginning with the firm, Michael and I had many conversations wherein we discussed a mutual desire to provide pro bono services to the community.   In the fall of 2004,  firefighters who had developed Asthma as a result of their work at ground zero, began informing me that they were being denied their disability pensions.  Apparently, the pension board had decided that, despite the dangerous nature of firefighting, members with documented asthma could fight fires.  I found this an outrage.  However, these brave men were being told by other lawyers that nothing could be done about these horrible decisions. The idea that someone suffering from Asthma could be an active duty firefighter made no sense to me.  I was determined to fight for these men.  It was the least I could do.  I fought for several years. I was told by pension lawyers “don’t waste your time”.  But I couldn’t sit ideally by after what these men had done for this county.  My perseverance paid off and ultimately I was able to have several rulings reversed.       The victories were unique.  Consequently,  the decisions were reported in the New York Law Journal, New York Daily News and The Cheif-Leader.  Had I charged for this effort the fees would have made me rich,  by doing it pro bono I gained much more. My firm continues to provide our Free Will service to New York’s Bravest.  We have teamed up with a New Jersey Law Firm and are providing this pro bono service to New Jersey Firefighters.  This year we made a concentrated effort to continue our pro bono services for Firefighters.  We drafted hundreds of Wills and Health Care Proxies.   In addition, I provide free pension counseling to all of New York City’s Bravest.  This year in particular much of my time was devoted to these projects.

Verdicts and settlements

  • $50 Million Dollars on behalf of rescue workers injured as a result the Rescue and Recovery effort after the attacks on the World Trade Center, my firm was co-counsel for over 280 plaintiffs, I was the partner in charge.
  • $7 Million Dollars on behalf of 30 Sanitation Workers who were injured during the Rescue and Recovery effort after the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Prior to electing to participate in the complex Settlement Process Agreement, each law firm was directed to analyze each case and inform each client what their expected award was to be.   We are very proud of the fact that we achieved 100% accuracy in our calculation.  Each and every client received exactly what we predicted.
  • Settlements in the Past Year Include: $6.8 Million Dollars on behalf of a 20 year man struck by a motor vehicle while riding his bike at night.  Just under $1.8 Million Dollars for the Widow of a Sanitation Worker who died as a result of injuries suffered during the Rescue and Recovery effort after the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Originally awarded 150K by the Allocation Neutral we refused to accept this award. The decision was appealed. Our papers were so strong that we were successful in overturning the initial determination at the first appeal level.  This award is believed to be one of the highest in the entire WTC Litigation.
  • $6 Million recovered on Behalf of the family of a deceased New York City Firefighter
  • $3.4 Million Dollars recovered on behalf of a baby who was the victim of medical malpractice.
  • $1.9 Million recovered on Behalf of a Teacher Assaulted in School
  • $1 Million recovered from New York City on Behalf of Firefighters injured at the Deutche Bank Fire
  • $900,000 recovered for a Firefighter injured in the line of duty
  • $750,000  recovered for a Firefighter injured in the line of duty
  • $700K for a 55 year old woman who was hit on the head by a metal bar at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  The client suffered no economic loss.  She was diagnosed with Cognitive Deficits.
  • $680,000 recovered for a car accident victim
  • $550,000 recovered for a Firefighter injured in the line of duty.
  • $500K from the City of New York for a Police Officer who fell in his Police Precinct.
  • $325K for a 57 year old woman who slipped on fell on a boat.  The client slipped on water that had accumulated the deck of the Boat.  She suffered Right Tibial plateau fracture which required surgery.
  • $280 Million Recovered from September 11th Victims Compensation Fund

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