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Pedestrians Face Serious Risks in New York

Every single year, vehicle accidents claim the lives of nearly 4,400 pedestrians and injure another 69,000 on U.S roads and highways. This amounts to a vehicle hitting and killing a pedestrian every two hours and injuring one about every eight minutes. These injuries often occur at legal crosswalks or even when pedestrians are walking on… Read More »

Injured By a Product? Learn About The Types of Claims

Product liability law is a type of personal injury law that is designed to redress the harms caused by malfunctioning products. These types of claim can include vehicles with a dangerous defect such as rolling over to electronics that did not include warnings about their burn risks. This highly specialized area of law is divided… Read More »

Bicyclists at Risk in New York City Intersections

In both urban and suburban areas, more and more people are hitting the road on their bikes. Whether for a more environmentally friendly way to commute to work or as a healthy form of exercise, bicycling is becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. While this is an excellent way for people to… Read More »

Steps to Take After a New York Car Accident

Every year, drivers are involved in approximately 10 million car accidents on U.S. roads and highways. Most of these accidents are relatively minor and motorists walk away uninjured. However, even minor fender benders can be stressful experiences and drivers should know what steps to take to protect themselves from further problems after an accident.  The… Read More »

Injury Claims for Concussions and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Thanks largely in part to the ongoing concussion issues in the news with the National Football League, concussions and brain injuries have been a major topic of discussion recently, particularly in the realm of personal injury law. Now that more people understand the lasting impacts of head injuries, they are able to take appropriate legal… Read More »

Who is Liable for Injuries Suffered While Playing Amateur Sports?

It’s quite common for people who participate in amateur sports to suffer from injuries of all degrees of severity. But is there any legal recourse available for people who suffer from these types of injuries?  In many cases, the answer will likely be no. There is an assumed risk of injury involved with playing amateur… Read More »

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Catastrophic Injury

While there isn’t a specific legal definition used for the term “catastrophic injury,” it generally refers to a type of injury that has severe long-term impacts to a victim, often causing disability or disfigurement. Most catastrophic injuries have an extremely difficult and lengthy process of recovery, and could lead to the need for lifelong medical… Read More »

Worker Dies in Construction Accident in Manhattan

An accident in the Garment District in Manhattan led to the death of a construction worker, according to the Fire Department of New York. The FDNY was present on the scene responding to an accident call from a construction project located on West 37th Street near 8th and 9th avenues.  Investigators obtained video taken on… Read More »

Upper East Side Crane Accident Leads to Wrongful Death Trial

A May 2008 accident featuring the collapse of a 200-foot-tall crane on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has had a lasting legal impact. Now, a wrongful death trial that had previously been postponed is once again up and running, and the owner of the crane is the defendant in yet another lawsuit stemming from the accident. … Read More »

New York Man Wins $2.3 Million in Malpractice Lawsuit

A New York man recently won a $2.3 million medical malpractice lawsuit after an orthopedic surgeon was found liable for his failure to treat the victim’s infection.  According to details from the case, the plaintiff visited Hudson Valley Radiology Associations to have an MRI done in 2010. A routine injection allegedly resulted in causing a… Read More »