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An incredibly professional law firm that gets results. They are very accessible and quick to address any and all questions or concerns. I am very thankful for all that Mike and his firm has done for me and my family.



The finest law firm in NY representing NY’s Finest.



To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this thank you letter to your firm as I very much appreciate all your hard work and you continuing efforts in making sure that the New York City Firemen and others are compensated for their injuries and illnesses in the past 14 years.

On September 11, 2001 we lost family and friends as a result of terrorists. We vowed to recover all those lost at the site and unfortunately more rescuers are sick and some have passed away due to illness as a result of this attack at the World Trade Center.

I am very fortunate to have a minor illness compared to others. Though I like some, lost a family member, my brother in law, a NYPD Emergency Service Police Officer was killed that day.

It’s a day we will never forget.

Again, thank you for your continued hard work.



An incredibly professional law firm that gets results. They are very accessible and quick to address any and all questions or concerns. I am very thankful for all that Mike and his firm has done for me and my family.



To Michael and Staff,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation of you and the firm’s effort to secure my award from the Victims Compensation Fund. I will always use the firm in appropriate legal matters and will strongly recommend the firm to others for same. Again, many thanks for the work you and the firm did on my behalf.


I just want to thank the team at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson for their work on the 911 Fund. I also want to give a special thank you to Mariya Atanasova for being very helpful


Your staff was very knowledgeable and helpful for the entire process. They were able to answer all my questions in a very timely manner. Thank you for all that your firm is doing to help out the people that were most affected on 9/11. I’ll be spreading the word. Thanks again.



From day one I was treated with respect. Everyone at the firm helped me every step of the way with my Zadroga Lawsuit. Anytime I had a question they were there to answer it and Michael Barasch even gave me his number if I had an issue. I would recommend them to anyone.



Absolutely the best. Very personable, caring and professional. Incredibly efficient and detail oriented. I highly recommend Barasch McGarry to any disabled WTC volunteers and first responders.



Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for this firm. My father is ill, and Barasch McGarry worked quickly and compassionately with my father. They were able to get him a more than decent award, to say the least. We have dealt with several firms over the years for various issues. Its too bad there aren’t more stars because they deserve more than 5 STARS. Thank you Barasch Mcgarry Salzman & Penson.!!!


What a great experience it was having Barasch McGarry Salzman& Pension represent me through this case. They were very professional ,polite and concerned about my case. Always available to speak to. The entire staff was wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone.


Honest and Professional service. Highly recommended. Thank You.


This letter is address to Barasch & McGarry Lawyers for first responders, and those Volunteers that came after to help at “Ground Zero” and facilities in the recovery task. I want it known to this Law Firm, my deep appreciation of three individuals of your law firm, Erick Ramos eligibility Manager, Bryan Calamaras Compensation Manager and especially James Steiner who I was privilege to have first hand assistance from him in all the correspondents and forms needed for a blessed result.

In my heart, I know that whoever calls this Law Firm for Legal representation, that James Steiner picks up the phone.



To everyone at Barasch, McGarry, Salzman & Penson:

I recently received my VCF payment check. I know a lot of people in your office made this possible with their hard work. Please let them know how much they have helped my family. My thoughts will always be with the hard working people of your firm who made this possible. Once again thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication for the hard working people that gave their all at ground zero.

All my best,


I am extremely grateful to Michael Barasch and his entire team for the enormous amount of work they have done on behalf of all of us who have suffered as a result of this tragedy. They have made our burdens much easier to bear and have fought tirelessly for us when we were unable to fight for ourselves. Their honesty and compassion is evident in these testamonials. Special thanks to Lee London and to Francesca for your kindness today



Very professional , took care of all my concerns,answered my questions very quickly, kept on top of my paperwork, did all the processing of paperwork for me, very glad to know they had my well being the main point of the case. Highly recommend their entire staff. Michael Barasch even called me after I received my settlement to ask how their firm did in Handling my case. Thank you and your entire staff for all your hard work and very timely and efficiently keeping me informed about any developments. Thank you Doug Mandelkow for overseeing my file. I am very thankful your firm was recommended to me.



I believe I was the first seriously injured 9/11 victim to contact Barasch Mc Garry regarding the original Victims Compensation Fund. I can therefore vouch that Michael Barasch, his lawyers and staff, since DAY ONE, have been very professional, thorough and compassionate in advocating for my case.

For my fellow 9/11 victims, as my health conditions developed, I had at least as many health problems and injuries following my original settlement, as I did prior to it. I therefore urge those who may have been injured to keep current with their VVTC medicals. If a problem is discovered, don’t hesitate to contact the law offices of Barasch Mc Garry. I assure you that your case will be handled with great sensitivity and professionalism. You owe it to y our family to make certain your illness to cared for under the provisions of the Zadroga Act. The cost of cancer medications alone could bankrupt your family. Do the right thing!

Warmest regards,



Excellent job. Pretty fast responses to inquiries. Pleasant and helpful. Constantly keep you in the loop with info on your claim status. Highly recommend.


This morning completed, for now, my contact with the law office. I could not make even one suggestion on making the process better. It was an honor shaking the hand of Michael Barasch for being my advocate. I would not hesitate turning to this office for advice or help in the future if needed.


I recently received my settlement from the victims compensation fund. I was very happy with the law firm of the Barasch McGarry Salzman and Penson. They were very professional easy to work with, quick to respond to my inquiries. I will definitely use them in the future for any other legal needs I may have. God bless all the first responders.


I am a retired Lieutenant from the FDNY. In 2010 I began to get sick with 9/11 related respiratory problems. Since then i was forced to retire from the job. I met with Mike Barasch and his law firm shortly thereafter. I can tell you it was the best phone call I ever made . They treated my wife and I like family and truly had our best interest at heart. They changed our lives forever ! I would highly recommend to any of the brothers or sisters that are experiencing issues from our worst day to go see these people, They will help you! Never forget 343 . Whole-heartedly yours,

S.C., FDNY (ret)

I want to Thank everyone that I had the pleasure of speaking to @ the firm over the last couple of years, Everyone was always courteous, caring & professional. I especially want to thank Laura DeFrancisci for all of her hard work as my compensation case manager. I look forward to speaking to Laura as I have an Economic loss claim pending & know that Laura & the entire firm will be doing their best so we will have as successful of an outcome as we did on the first part of my claim. I also want to Thank Michael Barasch for his tireless efforts to help push Congress to extend the Zadroga Health & Compensation Reauthorization Act. Thank You all for everything.



Many thanks to the entire team at Barasch, McGarry Salman and Penson for their work on my behalf in processing my VCF claim. Special thanks to the professionalism of Jennifer and Laura who kept in touch during the entire process and were never too busy to answer questions or provide expert advice. Thanks to the entire firm for true quality service.



Absolutely forthcoming and detailed opinions; responsive, attentive and personable. Great professionals to have on your side.



Dear Mr. Barasch,

I have posted my review of your firm, and every word is meant, and are from the bottom of my heart. You guys are great, and true heroes to us first responders. Your firm will always be the one I mention whenever one is needed by my brothers.

I received the final payment this morning, and I want to thank you for your efforts, both in front and behind the scenes, with the VCF.  I have recommended your firm to many people, current and former police officers, who are now getting ill, or did not understand what the VCF was, or ignored it, because of career aspirations at the NYPD. I told them of your hard work, and how without it, we will not be where we are today.

I look forward to doing the best with what was awarded to me, especially for my two daughters whose futures concern me the most in this volatile world.

Again, thank you for all you have done.


To The Entire Staff of Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson,

On behalf of myself, all first responders and the civilians of impacted from Sept. 11th, thank you for all your dedicated & diligent efforts over the last number of years in working on helping us get compensation for our illness.

I hope it brings comfort to the staff knowing their hard work has helped to ease the burden and give so many of us a sense of security for our future, the future of our children and the future of our grandchildren.



As an attorney in practice for 40 years I have met many personal injury attorneys. I refer matters only to Barasch McGarry because of their expertise and personal commitment to clients. They are excellent lawyers with a record of obtaining great awards either through trial or settlement. They are also very creative. Michael Barasch helped develop the Victims Compensation Fund for 9/11 responders and represents numerous NYC firefighters. The firm treats its clients as valued friends and takes a personal interest in their clients. I highly recommend Barasch McGarry.



As a First Responder Police Officer to ground zero from NJ finding the right firm seemed insurmountable. I feel very blessed that the firm of Barasch McGarry Salzman and Penson represented me through this entire process. I hope that my conditions do not worsen or increase however, I know that whatever happens to me I can count on this firm to represent my best interests. 41 years of Law Enforcement I think I know something about lawyers My personal thanks to all of you!



Barasch McGarry puts the client and their needs first. Always. Their staff is knowledgeable and professional. The attorneys are accessible and responsive and take the time to explain what could be dense information for those not familiar with it. In my experience, I have always been impressed with their level of service and attention and I’ve never waited for a call back. I would, and do, highly recommend this practice.



Congratulations. Honor well deserved.


Congrats Saint Michael ! Grace & Gratitude.


I want to personally thank the firm for their hard work at both the forefront, and in the offices of the VCF in Washington. Without the firm’s non-stop commitment to the VCF, I wonder where many of us first responders would be today. I truly believe that the efforts of the firm was never a monetary pursuit, as you may know, other firms have been accused of, but instead, a pursuit for the well-being of every first responder on 9/11. As many of my former colleagues are now experiencing their own fight with the health issues associated with 9/11, I have recommended only one firm, Barasch McGarry, to lead them into the fight they will soon experience physically. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family, and for all first responders you will continue to help now and in the future. The very best to all!


Michael – this is a wonderful recognition of your creativity, ingenuity and commitment. Congratulations!!



Congratulations on your well-deserved honor relating to the work you have and continue to do on behalf of so many who served. It was good to see you receiving such notoriety.




Congratulations on your tireless work to secure permanent Zadroga Act legislation. JOB WELL DONE!


Author, 9/11 Tribute Center Volunteer

It is wonderful that you are being honored; thank you for all your hard work.

A. R.

Thanks Mike for all your hard work.


Thank you very much for all you have done and continue to do.

We really appreciate it.

L. R.

Congratulations. So well deserved and again thank you so very much.


Congratulations.. a well done job hard earned.



Thank you Michael for all you do and have always done for the first responders.



So very proud of you! Congratulations! So grateful to have everyone at Barasch McGarry representing me. You have gone above and beyond for each and every one of your clients, including me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

C. J.

Michael Barasch and his firm have had a profound and wonderful impact on my life. They genuinely cares about their clients and provide outstanding legal services. The award they help me obtain allowed my family and I to get through the hard times and maintain our dignity. God bless them.


I received a letter from your firm on some very important and significant changes to the Zadoga Bill, in which I commend You and Your firm for Your relentless pursuit in reassuring justice will not abandon those of us who received a Death Sentence on 9/11/01.

With your help, I received an award that will reassure me that my family will be taken care of…And I will never forget you for what you have done for me.

Thank you again and always for all you’ve done. God will be good to you, and all others like you.

In life, there are The Few, the Many and the Rare…In my eyes, you are on the Endangered Species List.

They don’t make Men like you anymore…And they never will. That mold was broken a long time ago.

Best to you always:



My name is Rev. Winston M. Clarke, I want to commend attorneys Barash and McGarry for their professionalism and concern in the way they are handling my WTC case. They keep me up to date on all aspects of my case. I highly recommend them if you need an excellent law firm. May God continue to bless them.


Barasch McGarry truly cares about its clients. Michael Barasch is a kind, attentive, and thoughtful person who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. The staff is punctual, detail-oriented, passionate, and organized. Everyone there is friendly and makes you feel warm and welcome as soon as you start working with them. It’s a firm that won’t stop until you get you the justice you deserve!


Met with Michael Barasch regarding 9/11. Great person, very helpful. Great law firm, highly recommend!


Dear Mr. Michael Barash,

I am a client at your Law firm and I usually don’t write letters, however I would like to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Brian Calamaras. I want to say what it is a pleasure dealing with him.

Mr. Brian Calamaras is extremely professional, kind, polite, and patient with all my WTC 911 issues and concerns. Every time I call him with a question he is so efficient and knows the answers about my case without even looking at my file.

So often people complain about things and I feel the need to write something good. I am so happy to have your law firm representing me. I will always recommend your law firm because of great staff members such as Mr. Brian Calamaras.

Yours Truly,


I am a First Responder and became ill as a result of toxic exposure. The Law Firm Did A Good Job representing me.



I talked to Geico and they verified that the $1,000,000 umbrella is above and beyond the $300,000 bodily injury liability. I also upgraded, for a nominal increase, to the SUM for the $300,000 on the auto policy.

Thanks again for the advice and work you and the firm deliver to all of our members.



Mike and Francesca,

I am happy we got to speak today. Mike as I said on the phone, every time I call or stop in the office, everyone is always welcoming , inviting and very kind.

For the last year, or so, I primarily have been communicating with Francesca, and she has been great. Always a pleasure to speak to. Your staff has really made me feel that you care for us.

Mike, Thanks for everything you do for me, and the FDNY.

Its Greatly appreciated.

Best Regards



Again, first and foremost, I would like to thank you and your entire staff for all the good work you do for all of my brothers and friends in the FDNY. Sally and I greatly appreciate the professionalism and respect shown this past Friday in completing the paperwork regarding our wills.

Fraternally grateful,

Rich and Sally K.

Hi Mike,

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season.

Thank you for your letter, it was precise, informative and upbeat.

Best regards,


Dear Michael,

When one experiences a tragedy, such as 9/11, it requires all one has in order to cope with the difficulties that follow. Even when it looked as though all hope was lost with my case, Barasch McGarry Salzman and Penson continued fighting and did so fiercely. Despite what seemed like an endless stream of obstacles, they rallied again and again, in the end gaining the victory.

With gratitude, I thank each of you for the fine job you have done, on not only my behalf, but for all of us so adversely affected by this event.


Dear Barry, Michael, and the rest of the members of your firm,

I wish to take the opportunity to write you on the Anniversary of a day in which we fell victim to the a horrific terrorist act, but it was also a day in which we saw many people, both civilian and uniformed, carry out heroic acts of helping their fellow citizens. Many lost their lives and others have had their lives altered permanently.

I believe that the work you do on behalf of the families affected is laudable, which is the reason why I am sending you this message.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Observation Deck of the new World Trade Center and felt the power of our resilience as a country and ability to recover from such a devastating blow.

Warm regards,


Greetings Michael

Just wanted to compliment a few of your staff.


I am thrilled with the recent interactions I’ve had with some of your staff.

Nancy Tang has been amazingly thorough on follow-up. She is also savvy and compassionate.

Lee London, who has inherited my case, was very encouraging, clear, and patient.

Max Bushuyev was extremely and overwhelmingly detailed and insightful about the “conditions” issues and took the time to listen to my summary of the situation.

I am thrilled to work with all of you.

Thank you all for taking the time to understand my situation.



Dear Michael,

Thank you for the great news !!!!!!! Now I have a gift for Mrs. M on our 26th Wedding Anniversary. I know how hard all of you and your staff have worked on our behalf and we thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts. Wow, I won’t bother you anymore today, there seems to be a little water building up in my eyes, it’s hard to see the screen!

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you !

R.; L.; H.; & K. ?

Dear Michael,

I am so grateful for you fighting for us. I can’t believe I never told you that I also had prostate cancer. Being a psychologist I can’t believe the effect this has had on my not reporting everything. When my surgeon removed my bladder, he also removed my prostate and the pathology report stated that it also was cancerous.


Dear Mr. Michael Barasch,

I am a client at your Law firm and I usually don’t write letters, however I would like to write a letter of recognition on behalf of Mr. Brian Calamaras. I want to say that it is a pleasure dealing with him.

Mr. Brian Calamaras is extremely professional, kind, polite and patient with all my WTC 911 issues and concerns. Every time I call him with a question he is so efficient and knows the answers about my case without even looking at my file.

So often people complain about things and I felt the need to write something good. I am so happy to have your law firm representing me. I will always recommend your law firm because of great staff members such as Mr. Brian Calamaras.

R. M.

Thank you for the excellent service that Michael, yourself and the rest of the staff provided to me and my wife on our visit last week. I would certainly recommend your office to anyone I know that is looking for a personal injury law firm. As requested I completed the on line review of the firm on and gave a very favorable review. Thanks again and thank Michael for me.

Steve Cristello


I just want to extend by deepest heartfelt appreciation for all you and your firm have done for me. I can now truly say You saved my life, for your hard work will have a major impact in paying my insurmountable debt that’s been bleeding me dry for almost a decade.

The compensation award …has set me free because I have not only been deemed “Totally and Completely Disabled”, I am not permitted to hold any type of employment whatsoever, resulting in my debts continuing to mount.

Again, I am so overwhelmed, my mind is racing. Regardless of the fact that I’m constantly told that my medical condition is hopeless…hope is all I have left to cling to. Hope is a good thing, For regardless of how bad the odds have been against me, hope is the train of thought that has given me some form of acceptance and inner peace, however slight. Some is better than none.

Again I Thank You with Every Fiber of My Being and Every Beat of My Heart…You Will Forever Have My Deepest Respect And Gratitude.


Michael Barasch and his firm have had a profound and wonderful impact on my life. They genuinely care about their clients and provide outstanding legal services. The award they helped me obtain allowed my family and I to get through the hard times and maintain our dignity. God bless them.


Dear Michael and Bruce, the heroes behind the heroes of 911:

This is to express my thanks and gratitude to you both on behalf of our family.

Bruce, I am so grateful to you for your kindness, compassion and expertise in deftly handling my issue. The night of my frightening assault, followed by the mystifying summons, clearly defined the phrase “adding insult to injury.” What an immeasurably frightening experience for me. Thank you so much, Bruce, for making the law seem right and just again. Thank you for making this random act of violence go away with incredible skill and grace.

Michael, Barry was catastrophically struck by the cab within two weeks of my incident. I was so anxious for Barry’s life that I spent over five weeks in the hospital keeping vigil and completely neglecting my own troubles.

Michael, I am so grateful you’ve taken on Barry’s case. You were so wonderful to come see Barry at the sub-acute rehab center.  You were so patient and kind to put up with my discovery efforts with regard to Barry’s tragedy, and then, amazingly, to offer your services for me as well. In the face of all this, your compassion brought tears to my eyes.

You guys are the good guys. You guys are the real thing. If these terrible experiences show us a glimpse of what is wrong in the world, Barasch McGarry shows us what is right.

Your history with 911 precedes you, and will forever distinguish you as the heroes behind the heroes.  And for me, personally and most especially so, as you help right the wrong for Barry in the coming months.

What a privilege to know you. I remain gratefully yours,


Dear Michael,

How do we begin to thank you for all you have done for us during the past two years? I don’t think words exist that can truly express our appreciation and gratitude for all you did for us.
When we embarked on this journey, we expected to deal with arrogant, uncaring and know-it-all attorneys. We quickly found out how wrong we were. You and your staff are the most caring, compassionate and professional people we have ever dealt with. You have proved over and over again how much you care for your clients, not only as clients but as people, and not only for their financial security, but also for their mental and emotional well being.

We are truly grateful for your skill and expertise on our behalf. The time, effort, persistence, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile (Workers Compensation settlement and MSA) demonstrated how much you cared about us. The settlement you negotiated far exceeded our farthest dreams.
Thank you for the advice, support and friendship you extended to us during the past two years.
Michael, thank you also for taking me under your wing those first few months after Bob’s accident. Your patience in helping me understand the legal system and taking off my plate all the dealings with the insurance companies allowed me to focus on Bob’s recovery. I want you to realize how much I appreciate your many calls to me inquiring on how Matthew and I were doing. We know that you have said that you are our attorneys for life, but more importantly, you will be our friends for life.

Diane and Bob


I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the work your law firm performed on my behalf. I am very thankful, not only for the positive outcome, but also for making me realize that there is a law firm that is truly concerned and understands the situations NYC Firefighters encounter on a daily basis. The caring, professional and knowledgeable staff made a difficult situation tolerable.

I suffered a career-ending injury in 2004. Your firm, and in particular Barry Salzman, worked tirelessly in an effort to recover compensation for me. After a very long time, which included court appearances by Mr. Salzman, numerous phone calls and sifting through much paperwork, the case is finally at a close, due in large part to the work of Mr. Salzman. He became not only my attorney but an understanding friend. I will never forget what your firm and Mr. Salzman have done for me.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not also thank Angela Sozio, Mr. Salzman’s secretary. She was always there to handle my paperwork and phone calls. She is also to be commended.

My thanks to all for going “above and beyond the call of duty.”


Lt. Joseph B. DiMartino, FDNY (retired)

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