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Michael Barasch and his firm have had a profound and wonderful impact on my life. They genuinely care about their clients and provide outstanding legal services. The award they helped me obtain allowed my family and I to get through the hard times and maintain our dignity. God bless them.

Joseph Gibney

Dear Michael and Bruce, the heroes behind the heroes of 911:

This is to express my thanks and gratitude to you both on behalf of our family.

Bruce, I am so grateful to you for your kindness, compassion and expertise in deftly handling my issue. The night of my frightening assault, followed by the mystifying summons, clearly defined the phrase "adding insult to injury." What an immeasurably frightening experience for me. Thank you so much, Bruce, for making the law seem right and just again. Thank you for making this random act of violence go away with incredible skill and grace.

Michael, Barry was catastrophically struck by the cab within two weeks of my incident. I was so anxious for Barry's life that I spent over five weeks in the hospital keeping vigil and completely neglecting my own troubles.

Michael, I am so grateful you've taken on Barry's case. You were so wonderful to come see Barry at the sub-acute rehab center.  You were so patient and kind to put up with my discovery efforts with regard to Barry's tragedy, and then, amazingly, to offer your services for me as well. In the face of all this, your compassion brought tears to my eyes.

You guys are the good guys. You guys are the real thing. If these terrible experiences show us a glimpse of what is wrong in the world, Barasch McGarry shows us what is right.

Your history with 911 precedes you, and will forever distinguish you as the heroes behind the heroes.  And for me, personally and most especially so, as you help right the wrong for Barry in the coming months.

What a privilege to know you. I remain gratefully yours,


Dear Michael,

How do we begin to thank you for all you have done for us during the past two years? I don’t think words exist that can truly express our appreciation and gratitude for all you did for us.
When we embarked on this journey, we expected to deal with arrogant, uncaring and know-it-all attorneys. We quickly found out how wrong we were. You and your staff are the most caring, compassionate and professional people we have ever dealt with. You have proved over and over again how much you care for your clients, not only as clients but as people, and not only for their financial security, but also for their mental and emotional well being.

We are truly grateful for your skill and expertise on our behalf. The time, effort, persistence, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile (Workers Compensation settlement and MSA) demonstrated how much you cared about us. The settlement you negotiated far exceeded our farthest dreams.
Thank you for the advice, support and friendship you extended to us during the past two years.
Michael, thank you also for taking me under your wing those first few months after Bob’s accident. Your patience in helping me understand the legal system and taking off my plate all the dealings with the insurance companies allowed me to focus on Bob’s recovery. I want you to realize how much I appreciate your many calls to me inquiring on how Matthew and I were doing. We know that you have said that you are our attorneys for life, but more importantly, you will be our friends for life.

Diane and Bob


I am writing to express my deepest thanks for the work your law firm performed on my behalf. I am very thankful, not only for the positive outcome, but also for making me realize that there is a law firm that is truly concerned and understands the situations NYC Firefighters encounter on a daily basis. The caring, professional and knowledgeable staff made a difficult situation tolerable.

I suffered a career-ending injury in 2004. Your firm, and in particular Barry Salzman, worked tirelessly in an effort to recover compensation for me. After a very long time, which included court appearances by Mr. Salzman, numerous phone calls and sifting through much paperwork, the case is finally at a close, due in large part to the work of Mr. Salzman. He became not only my attorney but an understanding friend. I will never forget what your firm and Mr. Salzman have done for me.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not also thank Angela Sozio, Mr. Salzman's secretary. She was always there to handle my paperwork and phone calls. She is also to be commended.

My thanks to all for going "above and beyond the call of duty."


Lt. Joseph B. DiMartino, FDNY (retired)