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What is the Primary Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents in NY?

The majority of car accidents involve driver errors, with speeding topping the list of primary causes. While many people understand that driving at extremely high speeds can lead to disastrous accidents, they do not understand that speeding just a few miles over the speed limit can pose significant dangers. With about 75 percent of individuals across the country admitting to speeding on a regular basis, no wonder that an alarming number of individuals suffer serious injuries in speeding-related collisions.

According to SafeNY, New York State saw 12,838 speeding-related crashes resulting in personal injury and 284 resulting in death, in 2010. About 20 percent of those crashes occurred in New York City alone. Defensive drivers generally observe the three-second rule to maintain a safe following distance at any speed. This involves selecting a fixed object ahead of your vehicle and when the car in front of your vehicle passes the object, counting out three seconds. If you reach the object before three seconds elapse, you need to increase your following distance. Of course, when driving conditions are less than optimal, you should increase the distance, accordingly.

While the three-second rule can help you avoid causing an accident, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers sharing the road. So pull to the right if a driver follows your vehicle too closely, and let any obviously speeding drivers get ahead of you, to avoid a possible accident. If you cannot avoid an accident caused by a negligent driver, and you sustain injuries, seek immediate medical attention, regardless of the severity of your injuries. Then contact an experienced personal injury attorney for advice on the best way to file a claim.

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