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Reasons to Make a Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation claims aren’t always about firefighters injured on-the-job or a construction worker maimed by a collapsing trench. The accidents and injuries that can fuel a workers compensation claim can be much less dramatic.

However what sort of injuries might qualify? Does an injury have to be dramatic and obvious?

The five most common injuries in the workplace are responsible for more than 70 percent of compensation claims in the United States.

  • Overexertion from pushing, pulling, lifting and hauling among others, is most common.
  • Falling on the same level — legal-speak meaning “falling down” — comes in second followed by injuries caused by activities such as sitting, bending, reaching or standing.  Being struck by an object comes in fifth on the list of most common claims.

The rest of the top ten include highway accidents, accidents where a worker is caught in or crushed by a device, hitting an object, repetitive stress and assaults.

If you’ve been hurt at work, even if it’s not an outwardly obvious injury, you can try to negotiate the workers compensation system yourself. Or, you can retain the services of a law firm that has collected $500 million for its clients since 2003, a firm that understands the law — and what your rights might be under the law.

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