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The Serious Danger of Dog Attacks

Our law firm devotes the considerable talents of our attorneys to protect the rights and pursue compensation for people and families seriously injured by the negligence of others. For many, a dog bite does not seem to be a serious injury, but for some, it can be fatal.

Pit bull-mix dogs have garnered headlines across the United States as the dangerous dog of the day. Not a recognized breed, pit bull mixes can be part English bulldog, terrier, boxer or another breed. While pit bull-mix dogs enjoyed a reputation as a protective family dog in the last century, those days are gone, replaced by news reports like the following:

  • In August on Staten Island, a 60-year-old woman was mauled and maimed by two loose pit bull-mix dogs. Attending a neighborhood barbeque, Lucille Fundaro crossed a street to call on a friend and was attacked, leaving blood and flesh on the ground as she dragged herself over a gate to escape.
  • Also in August of this year, an 82-year-old Passaic, New Jersey woman was hospitalized after a pit bull-mix dog jumped a fence and attacked her in her own backyard.

The American Humane Society notes that the populations most vulnerable to a fatal dog attack are the oldest and youngest members of a community. New York recognizes a law that holds owners responsible for the damage done by their dogs, and additional damages if the dog was known to be dangerous.

Pit bull-mix dogs are aggressive, strong and agile by nature. While the Humane Society and many others do not support breed-specific legislation, the ferocity and unprovoked tendency of these particular dogs to attack make them a hazard to the communities in which they live.

If bitten or attacked by a dog in New York, seek experienced legal advice.

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