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Woman Crushed by Bus in Recent Accident

A woman who dropped her cell phone upon disembarking from an MTA bus in Brooklyn was killed when she attempted to retrieve it. The victim was pinned under the right rear wheels of the bus and died on the scene, according to witnesses of the September 17 accident.

Although pedestrian deaths in New York City are down compared to 2013, perhaps due to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities, the risks to pedestrians around buses and other vehicles are still considerable. Although it may be impossible to prevent another person’s negligence, there are at least some precautions people on foot can take around buses to reduce the risk of serious or even fatal injury.

  • The 10-foot area immediately surrounding a bus is the most dangerous, due to your proximity to the vehicle and impaired sight lines for you and the driver. If you are unable to see the bus driver, the bus driver is likely also unable to see you.
  • Be especially cautious during bad weather. Buses take longer to come to a complete stop in snow or rain, and may not be able to stop in time in the event of an emergency or sudden hazard in the roadway.
  • Avoid crossing the street directly in front of or behind a bus after disembarking. The danger from other motorists is considerable, as you may not be visible to them until it’s too late. Use crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before attempting to board or disembark. Similarly, do not step into the street to signal to a bus driver that you’d like to board.

It’s best to remember to use common sense around buses, always be alert and never assume you’re visible to drivers. After a serious New York bus accident you believe was someone else’s fault, contact an experienced personal injury attorney with Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson. 

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