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Bicyclists at Risk in New York City Intersections

In both urban and suburban areas, more and more people are hitting the road on their bikes. Whether for a more environmentally friendly way to commute to work or as a healthy form of exercise, bicycling is becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. While this is an excellent way for people to get around, it is not without its risks. Whenever bicycles and motor vehicles share the road, accidents may occur and often these can pose significant risks to bikers. 

In most cases, when bicyclists have an accident, it is a solo incident caused by road surfaces or cyclist error. However, 11 percent of bicycle accidents involve a motor vehicle. Though this is only a small percentage of accidents, even the most minor collisions often cause serious injuries or even death to bicyclists. Without the protective layer of steel offered by a car, cyclists can be thrown from their bikes and the results are sometimes catastrophic. 

The most common place for such collisions to occur is at intersections. Though they make up a small fraction of a bicyclist’s route, nearly 45 percent of all bike-car collisions occur at intersections. The main reason for this is that motorists aren’t paying proper attention. These drivers are accustomed to watching out for other motor vehicles, but they often fail to extend that vigilance to bicycles. Because these bikes are small, they can be easy to miss. Drivers will sometimes make a turn or proceed through an intersection without realizing a bicyclist is there. Even at slow speeds, a collision can be devastating. 

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident because a driver was not paying attention, you may be able to seek monetary damages. Meet with the skilled New York personal injury attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson to learn more. 

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