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Building Code Violations and Premises Liability

If you are injured in a trip and fall accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the property owner, depending on the circumstances of that accident. Under New York law, property owners are required to adhere to certain building safety codes that were created to protect occupants and visitors.


However, occasionally builders fail to follow these laws or an older building will not be updated to conform to newer safety codes. When these codes are ignored, people can suffer slips and falls and may be seriously injured as a result.


One of the most common building code-related injuries involves a fall on improperly designed or maintained staircases. Stairs can be difficult to navigate and when they include a defect, it can be easy for a person to be injured. There are a number of building codes that were designed to address these risks. For instance, these property features must be outfitted with proper handrails to ensure a person’s security when climbing up and down steps. It is not enough to merely install a handrail. It must be fitted at the correct height and must be properly secured to allow for regular use. Any deviations from these codes can result in a building owner’s liability.


In addition to installing handrails, staircases must be built to specific height and depth requirements. New York laws set certain minimum and maximum standards for step sizes. Any time a staircase does not meet these requirements, it opens a property owner or builder up to liability under premises liability law.


When a property does not meet building codes, serious injuries may result. To learn more about New York building codes and premises liability, or if you have been injured due to a building code violation, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson.

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