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The Various Types of Burn Injuries

Almost everyone will suffer some form of burn at some point. From minor burns sustained while cooking or splashing hot liquids on your skin to serious chemical burns, these occurrences are among the most common and varied types of injuries.


At some point or another, almost everyone will be injured due to heat. These injuries, known as thermal burns, occur when someone comes in contact with a source of heat. These sources can include fire, hot objects or hot liquids. The injuries that result may be extremely minor or may even be life threatening. These burns are measured in degrees from first to third, with third degree burns posing the most serious threat to victims.


Though burns are most often associated with heat, people can also be burned as a result of the cold. When a person is exposed to severe cold, especially wet or windy condition, they may suffer from cold temperature burns. This type of burn can also range in severity from relatively minor to quite serious.


A common type of burn suffered by factory workers is a chemical burn. These burns result when a person’s ski comes into contact with a severe chemical. This may happen due to a spill or splash or may be as a result of a chemical fire or explosion.


Finally, burns may even be caused by contact with hard surfaces, including floors, carpets or asphalt. Commonly called abrasion wounds, these injuries are actually friction burns and are often one of the types of injuries sustained by victims of motorcycle or bicycle crashes.


Burn injuries can be quite severe and painful. If you have been burned due to the negligence of another party, speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson in New York right away.

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