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NYPD Detective Killed in Wrong-Way Accident

A detective with the New York Police Department was driving to work in Queens when he was involved in a car accident on a highway in Westchester, resulting in his death. A motorist going the wrong way on the highway allegedly caused the crash.

According to police, the wrong-way driver was behind the wheel of a 2013 Honda Civic when the accident occurred around 4 a.m. The detective, Paul Duncan, was traveling southbound on Sprain Brook Parkway near Greenburgh when the Civic smashed into his car head-on. The accident caused a major traffic jam that backed up the highway for hours afterward, and the officer’s wife was caught in the traffic while trying to take their daughter to school with no idea that the delays were related to a crash involving her husband.

The driver of the Civic was 20-year-old Efren Moreano, who is now in a coma at Westchester Medical Center. At this point, officers do not have a clear idea of what caused him to go northbound in the southbound lanes of the parkway.

A Greenburgh Town Supervisor said that it’s time for the New York Department of Transportation and the state police to come together and look at ways to improve local infrastructure to prevent these types of accidents from occurring. Although the vast majority of wrong-way accidents are the result of driving while intoxication, there are many situations in which improper signage and confusing turns cause drivers to travel in the wrong direction.

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