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Two People Killed in Multi-vehicle Accident in Rye

A multi-vehicle crash on the New England Thruway in early February led to the deaths of two people, according to local police. The fatal accidents occurred on the portion of Interstate 95 that merges with I-287.

According to law enforcement officials, the accident was almost certainly the result of slick road conditions due to a storm that had been passing through the area. Two vehicles, included a small transport bus and a minivan, were both traveling north when they struck each other at a sharp turn that drivers must make when they exit 95 North in order to go west onto the Cross Westchester Expressway (Route 287). When the drivers got out of their cars, another vehicle that was not involved in the first crash, lost control and then struck both of the vehicles, as well as the drivers of those two vehicles. The chain reaction caused other vehicles and drivers to be struck, with the end result being two fatalities. 

Although spring is coming soon here in New York, there is still the potential for slippery conditions caused by snow, ice and freezing rain. When these conditions are present on roadways, it’s extremely important that all drivers take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of everyone traveling on the road. Drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed to increase their stopping times and lower the chance of losing control of their vehicle. They should also make sure they have properly functioning windshield wipers, clean windshields, and that they have their headlights on at all times to improve visibility.

Importantly, the National Safety Transportation Association advises that drivers should never  get out of their cars if they are going to be in harm’s way.  If possible, drivers involved in an auto accident should move their cars to a safe location or stay in their cars until the police or ambulance arrives.

Even if poor weather conditions were the primary cause of an accident, other factors could also have been present. Learn more about your legal options by meeting with an experienced auto accident lawyer at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson in New York City.

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