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Construction Worker Falls 25 Feet in Midtown Accident

September 21, 2015 | Dominique A. Penson

A construction worker at a Hudson Yards apartment complex project reportedly fell 25 feet on August 3. The worker was on the second floor of the building when witnesses say he plunged through a crevice. He was treated for serious injuries at Bellevue Hospital.

Representatives for the Hunter Roberts Construction Group indicated they were cooperating working with investigators. The company is responsible for the construction of the 62-story structure at 435 W. 31st St.

Falls like this can easily turn deadly. In fact, the Occupational Safety & Healthy Administration (OSHA) names fatal falls from elevations as the leading cause of death for construction workers. Of 828 construction deaths nationally in 2013, 291 were from these types of falls. OSHA officials believe these fatalities could be better prevented, as failing to meet fall prevention standards is frequently cited as problem areas in safety inspections.

Promoting construction worker safety

In response to these concerns, OSHA recently initiated a campaign in which employers are encouraged to have “toolbox talks” with their workers to inspect safety equipment and create rescue plans. They may also speak directly about hazards specific to their jobsites. The goal of the campaign is to reach a broad range of contractors and employees, including commercial operators like the one overseeing this recent accident. Last year, the campaign addressed the safety issues surrounding construction falls with more than a million workers, and this year OSHA’s goal was to reach more than 3 million.

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