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Auto Accidents

Crash on Whitestone Bridge Leaves Nine Injured

August 10, 2015 | Dominique A. Penson

Four vehicles recently collided on the Whitestone Bridge, entangling traffic for an hour and leaving nine people with significant injuries. The accident occurred on the Queens side of the bridge in the southbound lanes. All of the victims were reportedly taken to local hospitals for treatment, according to officials who arrived at the scene.

Motorists need to exercise extra caution when moving over bridges, as this recent accident highlighted. Although distracted driving may be a factor in almost any crash, there are certain conditions and special circumstances that make bridges a particular problem area for car accidents.

Bridges are often narrower than other roadways, and traffic can quickly become congested. If drivers do not slow down and monitor their speed, or stay in the same lane instead of trying to shift between them, they may increase the likelihood of a crash occurring. Not allowing enough reaction time could result in multivehicle accidents like the one on the Whitestone Bridge. And because no alternative routes may exist, the impact on traffic is typically immediate.

Weather is also a factor, especially in the moments after rainfall when loss of traction is more likely, or if foggy conditions prohibit long-range visibility. The condition of the bridge may also impact its safety, as drivers may need to swerve to avoid potholes or damaged surfaces and inadvertently cause an accident through their actions.

If you drive in New York, you will most likely travel over a bridge to get to your destination. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident on a bridge or anywhere else, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at [ln::firm_name] right away.

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