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Danger on the Job: Firefighters at Risk

February 3, 2014 | Michael Barasch

Not many careers require entering burning buildings on a daily basis. As a firefighter in New York, saving lives and property is just part of the job — even when hazardous to your health.

In recent months, several blazes have caused multiple firefighter injuries, including:

  • A two-alarm fire in a Brooklyn building injured 13 firefighters in September.
  • Also in September, 10 firefighters were hurt in a five-alarm fire in Queens that involved six row houses.
  • In October, five firefighters were hurt fighting a stubborn fire at a Crown Heights funeral home.

Focused on representing clients injured in accidents, including firefighters, we understand the special hazards of the profession and are highly experienced with fire law. In August, the U.S. Fire Administration released 2012 firefighting fatality figures. Points from the report include the following:

  • In the United States, 81 firefighters died while on duty in 2012.
  • States with the highest number of firefighter fatalities, in order, include North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York and Texas.
  • Stress or overexertion was the leading cause of fatal injury. Because of the extreme physical conditions of an overheated environment, the additional physiologic stress can lead to heart attack, stroke or another cardiovascular event. Death from exertion does not imply the firefighter was not in good physical condition.
  • Vehicle collision was the second leading cause of fatal injury, and being struck by an object, including a bullet, was the third leading cause of death.

Firefighting is by nature a job of extremes. Working in an inherently dangerous workplace means knowing how to protect yourself physically and legally. If injured, contact our law firm for committed legal support.

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