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Failing to Make the Grade: New York Nursing Homes

January 30, 2014 | Michael Barasch

In July, a nonprofit advocacy group for nursing home residents used eight federal criteria to evaluate the quality of nursing care offered in each state and region and in the country. Nursing homes in New York failed to make the grade, ranking 45th in the country for quality of care.

Overall, the Florida group Families for Better Care gave New York State an F, making our state the poorest-performing in this region. For individuals and families considering nursing care now, and in the future as the baby boomers age, this rating is cause for concern.

In late October, a 66-year-old nursing home resident was arraigned for murder for beating his 77-year-old roommate to death in a nursing home in Queens. In early November, a 72-year-old man was found dead in a 200-bed nursing facility, Bainbridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in the Bronx. Police say the victim was found with a wire coat hanger twisted around his neck.

From analysis of data, including the hours of nursing service provided to residents per day, to deficiency violations, comments about quality of care in New York State include the following:

  • Residents in area nursing homes receive less than 40 minutes of nursing care per day.
  • Complaint verification is high, reflecting a similarly high rate of poor and possibly dangerous care.
  • Skilled nursing staff is below average in most New York facilities.

Poor nursing care creates an environment ripe for elder abuse. Given the dismal state of nursing care, be sure to research facilities you are considering for yourself or a loved one. If you are injured or concerned that a friend or family member is being abused in New York, speak with an attorney at our firm for skilled guidance.

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