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Firm Attended UFA Delegate Seminar Program

May 14, 2015 | Dominique A. Penson

Michael Barasch and firm partners Barry Salzman, Ed Marcowitz and Bruce Kaye  attended this week’s UFA Delegate Seminar Program.

Michael met with with IAFF President Harold Schaitberger (see photo) and IAFF VP Pete Gorman about their joint efforts to extend the Zadroga Victim Compensation Fund.  Schaitberger and Gorman recently joined Barasch and his client Joe Zadroga in Washington, D.C. at a press conference wherein Senators Gillibrand and Schummer called for Congress to authorize an extension of the Zadroga Act.  Congress Members King, Nadler and Maloney were there as well.

Barasch and Dr. Kerry Kelly met to discuss the rising number of firefighters diagnosed with cancer, auto-immune diseases and PTSD.

The firm’s attorneys discussed firefighters’ legal rights with UFA VP Jim Slevin, Recording Secretary and Seminar Director LeRoy McGuinnis, Health & Safety Officer Gerard Fitzgerald, as well as all the borough Trustees.

They also met with dozens of members (active and retired) and answered their questions about the legal rights available to firefighters after line of duty accidents.  Too many members get hurt and think that their injuries are just “part of the job.”  In fact,  firefighters injured in the line of duty have extensive statutory rights against third parties who violate the law.  They are often entitled to significant compensation for their injuries and disabilities. This is in addition to their disability pensions.

Injured firefighters should always consult with an experienced attorney to learn their legal rights.
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