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Personal Injury

Five Most Common Personal Injury Claims

September 20, 2012 | Michael Barasch

Every year in the United States, a new lawsuit is filed every two seconds. Some of these lawsuits are indeed frivolous, which only adds to our country’s reputation as being quick to sue. Fortunately, there are more lawsuits for legitimate reasons such as personal injury. In these types of cases, the injured party sues for economic compensation and for damages that can never be fully recovered, such as pain and suffering. The following five types of personal injury lawsuits are filed with the greatest regularity in this country:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. There are more than six million reported accidents every year, including car crashes, pedestrian injuries and bicycle accidents. Distracted driving has increased this number.
  • Injuries sustained at work. In 2009, more than three million people were injured and 5,000 lost their lives in workplace accidents. This figure is believed to be on the low side because people don’t want to report injuries when the job market is so poor.
  • Assault. Although this also falls under criminal law, many assault victims choose to also bring a civil suit against their attackers to obtain compensation for their injuries.
  • Slip and fall accidents. This is a common type of injury that can occur on public or private property. Millions of people are injured in slip and fall accidents every year and approximately 20,000 people die.
  • Defective products. Mistakes in manufacturing can cause serious injury or death to people who use the faulty products. This category makes up seven percent of all personal injury lawsuits annually.

Regardless if you were injured in a way described above or in another manner, you deserve professional and aggressive representation in your personal injury lawsuit. The legal office of [ln::firm_name], which is in New York City, is available to meet with you now for a free consultation.

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