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Four People Injured in Manhattan Bus Accident

March 2, 2015 | Dominique A. Penson

Four people were injured recently in an accident involving a commuter bus in Manhattan. The bus was leaving the Manhattan Port Authority Bus Terminal when it suddenly crashed in to the wall of a nearby ramp nearby the Lincoln Tunnel.

Fortunately, none of those four people suffered life-threatening injuries after the accident, but they were taken to a hospital to receive treatment. It was unclear exactly what caused the accident.

When buses get into accidents, there are a couple different parties that could be held liable. The first of these is the bus company itself. Bus companies are expected to have buses that are reasonably safe and properly maintained. They are also responsible for hiring drivers that have valid commercial driver’s licenses and no history of negligence, among other basic requirements.

Bus drivers typically are not liable unless there are extenuating circumstances in the accident, such as the driver being under the influence at the time of the accident, or purposefully acting in a malicious way with intent to cause harm to other people. In most cases, people who file personal injury claims after being injured in bus accidents will be more likely to go after the bus company, as that’s where they are likely to get more money in compensation.

You may be entitled to compensation when someone else’s negligence causes an injury. For more information on the legal steps you can take after being injured in an accident involving a commercial or public transit bus, consult the experienced New York City personal injury lawyers at [ln::firm_name].


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