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How to Save on Costly Appeals Involving the TA

October 30, 2017 | Dominique A. Penson

Over the last several years, our firm has gotten numerous successful verdicts against the NYC Transit Authority. The TA appealed every one. That’s what the TA does. Regardless of how dismal its chances of overturning a verdict, the TA appeals. That’s important to know if you’re thinking of bringing a case against the TA. Appeals take time, work, and money. As an 800-pound gorilla, the TA doesn’t care. But for the individual accident victim, justice delayed is often justice denied. And some plaintiffs’ lawyers will charge more money to handle an appeal.

While that is understandable, there are other firms that do not. For example, our firm, [ln::firm_name], does not. If we take your case, we will see it through to the end, whatever that entails. Sometimes, cases settle before trial, sometimes at trial, and sometimes not at all. When it comes to the TA, they don’t settle. Cases have to be tried and then defended on appeal. Or, in the rare instance where a trial results in a defense verdict, an appeal must be undertaken on the plaintiff’s behalf. Our firm does whatever it takes, and we don’t charge an additional fee for appeals.

If you are interviewing lawyers to represent you in a case against the NYC Transit Authority, make sure to find out if they will handle your appeal themselves, and if they will charge you an additional fee to do it. Better to know up-front than at appeal time.

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