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New Yorkers Brave Hazardous Conditions After Recent Snowstorms

February 5, 2015 | Dominique A. Penson

It has been a tough winter in New York City this year. Big snowstorms and subsequent cold weather have led to icy roadways across the state, including around the city.

Drivers along city streets and freeways alike need to be more careful in such weather. Speeding becomes even more treacherous, as it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle when there is decreased friction on the roadways. It is also more difficult to make sudden stops, and not everyone is quick to the need to begin coming to a stop earlier.

When the weather gets icy, it’s not just motorists that need to take extra safety precautions. Pedestrians are more susceptible to slip and fall injuries in icy conditions, especially when property owners fail in their responsibility to properly clear their sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. Tree limbs that get covered in ice could fall and hit pedestrians, or take down power lines.

Finally, the buildup of salt on the roads leaking under manhole covers could corrode electrical wires underground, leading to the potential for manhole explosions. These are a fairly common occurrence in New York winters, but even more so recently because of the amount of snow and ice that has built up in the city.

Overall, icy conditions add a variety of dangers throughout the city to drivers and pedestrians alike. Do what you can to follow all of the necessary safety precautions to ensure that you and everyone else on the road or sidewalk will stay safe while the weather is poor.

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