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Auto Accidents

Smart Phone Technology Can Make a Difference after an Auto Accident

December 14, 2012 | Michael Barasch

Although smart phone distractions can lead to collisions on the road, intelligent use of this technology can make a difference for anyone involved in an accident. Many people use their phones to capture photos at the accident scene, but a number of apps provide more comprehensive support when you need it most.

Consumer Reports recently reviewed two of the many apps that provide such support.  One of these provides a handy reference to remind you how to handle the accident, and allows you to store emergency contact information and information about your car and insurance coverage. The other has accident report screens with forms to help you document important details about the accident and other drivers. Some apps work with the GPS feature of the phone, to record your precise location and even diagram the roadway, or enable you to make audio recordings of conversations at the scene.

After you capture all information, other apps allow you to bundle all information into an email. This feature can provide a handy way quickly to communicate important details to police — or to an auto accident attorney, who can start assessing your legal options even before you come in for a consultation.

Detailed and accurate information can make a vital difference to an auto accident insurance claim or lawsuit. For little or no cost, you can turn your smart phone into a valuable tool to help you through your collision.

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