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Personal Injury

Staying Safe While You Get Fit

August 8, 2013 | Michael Barasch

When you visit the gym, it’s good to think about more than what you’ll look like at the beach. Give a thought or two to safety.

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates quoted on, thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms each year as a result of injuries from gym equipment like exercise balls, jump ropes, free weights – and especially treadmills.

The CPSC says treadmills cause the most injuries – more than 575 incidents in 2009. Free weights and weight machines caused another 224 injuries (insert your own “dumb bell” punchline). And jump ropes – yup, those seemingly innocent childhood playthings – sent 169 hapless users to the ER.

While gym injuries can be embarrassing, they aren’t always a laughing matter. Broken bones, brain injuries and severed fingertips are common. And the conditions at some gyms actually increase the potential for serious injury.

If you are injured at a fitness facility, consider factors that may have contributed to the situation, such as:

  • Did equipment break or malfunction?
  • How close was the equipment to other equipment or objects like pillars and walls?
  • Were floors dry and free of clutter?
  • Was the facility well lit?
  • Did equipment have safety features like cut-off switches?
  • How were you taught to use the equipment?
  • Were ACSM-certified personal trainers available to evaluate your current fitness level, assist with your workout plan and ensure that you were exercising safely?
  • What type of waivers did you sign?

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