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Student from Brooklyn Killed in Hit and Run Accident

September 3, 2014 | Michael Barasch

Earlier this summer, a graduate student from Stony Brook University died in a serious hit and run accident. Witnesses say an SUV struck the man as he was rollerblading, and then fled the scene of the crash. The student was taken to the hospital, but later died due to severe injuries sustained during the accident. Officials are still looking for the vehicle, which will likely have some significant front-end damage.

All drivers in the state of New York are legally required to remain at the accident scene if they strike a pedestrian or another vehicle. This is especially important if any party is injured as a result of the accident. Drivers are also legally obligated to exchange contact and insurance information with other people involved in an accident.

Unfortunately, it is the victims of hit and runs that often are left to bear the brunt of medical costs, as well as severe emotional trauma. In this particular case, the family of the young graduate student is left with no answers about who is responsible for the accident, and must take responsibility for all medical costs and funeral expenses. It is a truly tragic situation.

Hit and run cases make up about 19 percent of all accidents that result in pedestrian fatalities. These cases are difficult, because they require finding the responsible driver. But when the driver can be found, victims or their families stand to receive significant compensation for their suffering as well as for the medical costs incurred after the injury.

If you ever witness a hit and run accident, be sure to call 911 immediately and alert authorities to the accident, and give the best description you can of the vehicle involved. For more information, speak with a New York car accident attorney from [ln::firm_name].

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