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Subway Accident Injury

February 4, 2013 | Michael Barasch

If you’re among the 4.3 million who ride the New York public transportation system every day, the thought of being injured in an accident may cross your mind.

Riding a bus or railroad car, the transportation system is a generally safe, comfortable way to travel. However there are dangers. Whether it’s falling on the stairs or the escalator or slipping on a wet concourse, travelers need to beware. There is also the chance of being injured once you’re on the train or a bus as the result of a collision with one of the dozens of other vehicles navigating the system at the same time.

Being involved in such a crash is serious. A rear-end collision in 1997 close to Steinway Street in Queens injured 40 people. In that instance, all were treated and released – but it’s interesting to note the trains were traveling about 10 miles per hour when the collision occurred. Because people on a subway car or a bus aren’t restrained, serious injuries can easily result from a collision.

It is important to keep meticulous records of the accident and your injuries, including eyewitness reports, police reports and hospital bills.

The New York transit system is owned by the city, and the city may be liable for injuries you’ve sustained using the transit system. Remember, an investigation by the transit authority into the cause of the accident may not be an unbiased recording of events. Your most important move is to retain a competent subway and railroad accident attorney who understands the complexity of the law and how best to protect your rights.

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