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Subway Construction Injury Highlights Risks to Workers

October 23, 2014 | Michael Barasch

A construction worker is suing New York City and the Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) for $55 million following a serious accident on the site of a Second Avenue subway project. He suffered a crushed and lacerated left leg when a large hose went out of control, trapping him 100 feet under the street in the August 20 accident. His lawyers are questioning the use of such a hose in this context, as it’s just the latest in a string of problems at the worksite.

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S., and the cause of numerous workplace injuries every year. Due to the nature of construction work, the risk of fatal injury is especially high, and injuries due to negligence — the result of cost-cutting, poor training or supervision and long hours of physically grueling labor in harsh weather conditions — are unfortunately common.

Certain types of injuries are especially common on construction sites, among them:

  • Head injuries: Falls from heights, as well as heavy tools and equipment being dropped from those same heights, contribute to a high rate of head injury.
  • Spinal injuries: Also caused by falls from ladders and scaffolding, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent incapacitation.
  • Bone injuries: Due to the presence of heavy machinery, fractured and crushed bones occur with regularity on construction sites.
  • Burns and scars: The likelihood of fires and explosions is high, due to the use of hazardous chemicals and the proximity to electrical wiring and leaking pipes.
  • Stress injuries: Repetitive movement like bending, stooping and lifting can cause permanent injury, especially to workers’ backs.
  • Sensory loss: Construction workers are at particular risk of injuries that lead to hearing and vision loss, thanks to sustained loud noise and the possibility of explosion or the release of hazardous chemicals.

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