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    What Does the Future Hold for New York City’s Vision Zero Plan?

    By Michael Barasch

    More than five years have passed since New York City’s Vision Zero initiative was launched with the goal of ending pedestrian and cyclist deaths by 2024. Looking ahead to the second half of the campaign, some activists and interest groups are questioning if and how further progress will be made. A “die-in” protest this summer […]

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    Citibikes Changing the Landscape of the City

    By Michael Barasch

    Since its auspicious beginning on Memorial Day, NYC’s new Citibike system has been in full swing, and riders are embracing the concept — pedaling nearly 1.3 million miles in the first month and logging an average of 88 trips on each of the 6,000 Citibikes sprinkled through Manhattan and Brooklyn. Not to be a buzz-kill, […]

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