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crane accidents

  • Construction Accidents

    NYC Council Construction Safety Bill Requires Tracking of Injuries and Deaths

    By Michael Barasch

    In late April, the New York City Council passed six new construction safety regulations, one of which requires detailed tracking of injuries and deaths, including how long the worker had been on the job and whether the incident occurred at a union or nonunion construction site. Penalties for noncompliance include a $25,000 fine when a […]

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  • Personal Injury

    Who’s Minding the Store on Construction Safety?

    By Michael Barasch

    More cranes punctuating the NYC skyline may be a welcome sign of economic recovery for some. But for others, it’s an ominous reminder that the safety of our city’s workers and bystanders is seriously at risk. Jobsite accidents and injuries are soaring – and it’s no coincidence that inspectors are harder to find. A New […]

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