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New York City

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    New York City Occupational Deaths Increase Sharply

    By Michael Barasch

    Federal records for the 2017 calendar year showed a significant increase in on-the-job deaths among New York City workers. No specific explanation has been given to explain why the number jumped to 87 occupational fatalities from the all-time low of 56 in 2016. However, city officials are attempting to use better tracking and are considering […]

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  • Personal Injury

    Injured Senior Gains $2.9 M Settlement as Video Exposes Officer’s Lie

    By Michael Barasch

    New York City paid a $2.9 million settlement to an injured senior just as his personal injury lawsuit was headed for trial. According to the New York Post, the key piece of evidence was video that exposed several lies a police officer told about an incident that occurred in Brooklyn in August 2012. Officer Thomas […]

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