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NYC Transit Authority

  • Subway Accidents

    Recent Train Derailments Prompt Concern: How Safe Are the MTA’s Elevated Trains?

    By Michael Barasch

    If you are a regular straphanger on one of the MTA’s elevated lines, and you’ve seen news reports on train derailments in the Tri-State area and throughout the country, you might wonder if you’ve got anything to worry about. A recent article by Ashley Fetters for Curbed New York suggests your fears are not totally […]

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  • Train AccidentsBus Accidents

    How to Save on Costly Appeals Involving the TA

    By Dominique A. Penson

    Over the last several years, our firm has gotten numerous successful verdicts against the NYC Transit Authority. The TA appealed every one. That’s what the TA does. Regardless of how dismal its chances of overturning a verdict, the TA appeals. That’s important to know if you’re thinking of bringing a case against the TA. Appeals […]

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  • Train Accidents

    Difficulties of Dealing with the TA

    By Dominique A. Penson

    Our firm was recently contacted and interviewed by a local newspaper doing a story about the NYC Transit Authority. The TA was on the reporter’s mind because following a subway derailment in Harlem, TA management blamed the derailment on track workers for not properly securing equipment to be used in repairs. But the TA was […]

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