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  • Personal Injury

    When You Bring a Law Suit, You Give Up Certain Rights to Privacy

    By Dominique A. Penson

    When you bring a law suit for personal injuries, you are required to waive privileges you otherwise have to keep certain matters private or confidential. For example, a person’s medical records are ordinarily confidential.  But if you sue someone, claiming that they caused you injury, you waive the right to keep records of treatment for […]

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  • Commentary

    Court Rules Surreptitious Photos Did Not Invade Family Privacy

    By Dominique A. Penson

    An appellate court recently ruled that while a “technical home invasion” involving a prominent photographer taking surreptitious photos of a Tribeca family and their toddlers was deplorable, it was not illegal. The photographer is Arne Svenson, who has earned critical acclaim for his work over the course of his career. He was accused of shooting […]

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