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scaffold laws

  • Construction AccidentsWorkplace Injury

    Debate Continues Regarding New York’s Scaffold Safety Law

    By Michael Barasch

    New York State’s Scaffold Safety Law dates back to the 19th Century, but debate still rages about whether its tough liability standard should be weakened. The law requires property owners, developers and contractors to provide certain minimum protections for workers involved in the building, repair, demolition or maintenance of the building. While opponents of the […]

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  • Construction Accidents

    Labor Unions Lend Support to New York Scaffold Injury Law

    By Dominique A. Penson

    Labor unions throughout the state of New York have expressed their support for a new piece of legislation that would force insurance companies to disclose all of the costs related to the state’s scaffold laws.  There have been many vocal opponents to the scaffold laws in New York over the years.  Most opposition comes from […]

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