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toxic lead paint

  • Premises Liability

    Are You Living With Lead Paint in Your Home? Read This for Your Own Safety

    By Sara Director

    If you are living in a New York City Housing Authority building that was built before 1978, you have good reason to be concerned about lead paint in your home. Young children who ingest or inhale lead paint are at risk for devastating injuries, including brain damage, behavioral and cognitive disorders, developmental delays, and nervous system […]

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  • Products Liability

    Does Your Home Have Lead Paint?

    By Michael Barasch

    The five boroughs of New York are full of beautiful – and old – apartment buildings. These buildings may contain toxic lead paint, if constructed before the lead paint ban in the late 1970s. The health reasons for the ban were clear: Long-term exposure to lead results in developmental delays Behavioral changes Speech and language […]

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