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vehicle safety

  • Auto Accidents

    Technology Improves Safety in Automobiles

    By Michael Barasch

    Since the creation of the first automobile, the world has strived to improve auto safety in many innovative ways. Yet despite the abundance of safety hardware inside today’s cars, trucks and motorcycles, millions of Americans are injured in motor vehicle crashes each year and tens of thousands more are killed.  Many people believe that the […]

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  • Products LiabilityAuto Accidents

    Problems with “The Safest Car in America”

    By Michael Barasch

    In October, Tesla Motors took some heat when one of its Model S cars caught fire and burned across the Internet in a viral video. In the weeks since, the safety reputation of this unique electric car has gone up in smoke as two more fires raise questions about its design. In the past, the […]

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  • Auto AccidentsProducts Liability

    Toyota Settles Sudden Acceleration Case After Guilty Verdict

    By Michael Barasch

    In 2007, Jean Bookout was at the wheel of her 2005 Camry with her friend Barbara Schwartz. The friends exited an Oklahoma highway before Ms. Bookout discovered she could not stop her car. The vehicle sped through an intersection and hit an embankment, killing 70-year-old Ms. Schwartz and seriously injuring now 82-year-old Ms. Bookout. For […]

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