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WTC Victims

The Inspiring Story of a 9/11 Survivor

September 18, 2012 | Michael Barasch

September 11, 2001, was both a tragic day and one that would forever transform the lives of Sujo John and his wife Mary.

Sujo John had just arrived at work in the first World Trade Center building when an American Airlines plane struck it. As the building exploded into flames, Sujo John and hundreds of other people headed for the stairwell. It took more than an hour to escape. During this time, all Sujo John could think about was his pregnant wife who worked in the second World Trade Center building. He had no way of knowing that a plane also struck that building, but it happened moments before Mary John arrived at work.

When Sujo John reached the bottom of the stairwell, the building was about to collapse. He saw dozens of people perish right before his eyes, yet he was spared. Knowing there was no time to spare, he pleaded with the people to get right with God. Many of them did so just minutes before they died.

Meanwhile, in the other building of the World Trade Center, Mary John was begging God for her husband to be alive. She vowed that they completely would change their lives if only they could be together. Once Sujo and Mary were reunited, they spoke many times about why their lives were spared. This prompted them to start a full-time ministry traveling the world to share their story with others.

While the John’s story is very inspiring, it is by far the exception for this catastrophic day in American history. At the law firm of [ln::firm_name], we work with victims of the terrorist attacks every day. If you were injured on 9/11 or lost a family member, we care about what happen to you. We welcome you to contact our office to discuss your options and possible resources that are available for your recovery.

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