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Transportation Safety: The Most Wanted List

April 17, 2014 | Michael Barasch

In January, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) published its annual action wish list for 2014. Reflecting old and new concerns, the NTSB list identifies focused areas of concern for the agency in the coming year. 

The NTSB is responsible for accident analysis and development of safety strategies for transportation systems across the country.  In its work, the agency coordinates with state and federal agencies in pursuit of safer mass transit. 

Pressing concerns of the agency are reflected in its Most Wanted list. In each area, the agency hopes to maximize operational safety and prevent future mishaps and loss of life. Just a few of the topics on the 2014 list include 

  • Operational safety in rail mass transit: Recent investigations into railway accidents pose questions about the safe operation and automation of railway systems.
  • Occupant protection: According to the NTSB, more than 35,000 people died in transportation accidents in 2012. By addressing restraint systems for children and adults, the NTSB hopes to better protect passengers in the event of accident.
  • General aviation: In maintaining its agenda to improve hazardous weather communication, the NTSB hopes to reduce weather-related accidents and fatalities.
  • Distraction: The NTSB hopes to take strong leadership in increased regulation of personal electronic devices. Through legislation and encouraging responsible use, the NTSB hopes to reduce incidence of accidents caused by distraction.
  • Pipeline safety: By working with communities and utilities, the NTSB plans to increase oversight and procedural safety to decrease the likelihood of dangerous pipe ruptures in the United States. 

Across the country and in New York, people depend on safe transportation systems. These are only a few of the areas targeted by the NTSB in the coming year. 

Any mode of transportation can be dangerous—even walking. When injured in New York, speak with skilled legal counsel.

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