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When Your Landlord Is Liable for Your Snow/Ice Slip-and-Fall

January 9, 2018 | Sara Director

When Your Landlord Is Liable for Your Snow/Ice Slip-and-Fall

4 hours. That is the time limit New York City landlords have to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of their property after a storm has ended. Should someone slip and fall due to a snow and/or ice condition which was ignored by a New York City landlord, that landlord may be liable to that person if they suffer a physical injury.

Landlords must make every effort to make and keep their sidewalks clear from snow and ice, including applying sand, salt, etc., to ensure that pedestrians have a safe place to walk.

Landlords may also be liable if they make the snow or ice condition more dangerous due to their lack luster efforts.

If you see dangerous snow or ice outside of your building, make sure to immediately call your landlord or management company to demand that proper efforts are made to make the conditions safe.

If you have suffered from an injury from slipping and falling due to snow and ice anywhere on a New York City sidewalk, take a picture of the condition that caused the injury, if at all possible. A picture of the snow and ice condition could be the most important piece of evidence you have in bringing a successful lawsuit against a New York City landlord.

Snow and ice melt. Pictures last forever. Stay safe, stay warm and walk slow.

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