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Woman Injured in Elevator at Fenway Park

August 7, 2014 | Michael Barasch

In May, the Red Sox lost to the Tigers — and a young woman lost a bright future when she was injured in an elevator accident at Fenway Park.

On Friday, May 15, Elisabeth “Lizzy” Scotland graduated from the Boston University School of Management. She ended her day in the hospital after an accident almost ended her life.

At Fenway Park, the 22-year-old New Jersey woman fell down an elevator shaft, landing some 20 to 30 feet below on the roof of an elevator car. When located by firefighters, Ms. Scotland was not moving.

An investigation of the accident by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security yielded the following information:

  • “Extreme force” seemed to have caused defects in the elevator door.
  • The defects included breakage of fasteners and a back-up system. The failures allowed the elevator door to swing inward.
  • When the door moved inward, Ms. Scotland may have fallen into the shaft.
  • The elevator last passed inspection in February of this year.
  • Authorities currently consider the incident an accident.

Accidents in elevators are often serious or fatal. Injury on property owned or operated by others, such as the elevator at Fenway Park, may lead to a premises liability claim.

Premises liability actions seek money damages from individuals and entities that invite others onto their premises and do not maintain an appropriate standard of safety. While an investigation found safety mechanisms on the Fenway elevator were broken, concern rises for how long the elevator was allowed to operate in a clearly disabled state.

Ms. Scotland remains in serious condition.

If you or a loved one suffer injury in an elevator or other accident in New York, seek experienced legal advice from an established personal injury law firm.

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