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Helping Those Most Vulnerable

Attorneys Proud of Pro Bono representation This holiday season, we are reminded of how lucky we are, and of our moral obligation to help others. Through charitable giving and pro bono work, the attorneys at our firm endeavor to use our law degrees and resources for the greater good. One of the organizations nearest to […]

Sentence Issued to Atlanta School Workers in Test Score Cheating Case

It’s the time of year for children in New York state public schools between grades three and eight to take the ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Common Core tests. These exams have been the subject of scrutiny from parents and teachers alike, as they argue that the tests change the way children are taught. A recent case […]

Court Rules Surreptitious Photos Did Not Invade Family Privacy

An appellate court recently ruled that while a “technical home invasion” involving a prominent photographer taking surreptitious photos of a Tribeca family and their toddlers was deplorable, it was not illegal. The photographer is Arne Svenson, who has earned critical acclaim for his work over the course of his career. He was accused of shooting […]

The Passing of FDNY Captain John Graziano

is heartbroken to report the sad news that our friend, FDNY Captain John Graziano has passed away after a valiant struggle with cancer.  John was not just a heroic firefighter.  He was a wonderful man, a devoted husband and loving father.  It was an honor and a privilege to say that John was our dear […]


You already know that driving while intoxicated can have devastating consequences.  The legal troubles you heap upon yourself may be the least of it.  By planning ahead, you can avoid putting yourself and others in a dangerous position.  There’s never an excuse for getting behind the wheel if you aren’t fit to drive.   Attorney Bruce […]


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