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Michael Barasch and Jim McGarry have been interviewed on TV and radio as well as in dozens of newspapers, describing the work done by our NYC personal injury law firm to preserve rescue workers’ legal rights.

After representing thousands of New York City firefighters for nearly two decades, we thought we had witnessed the limits of human courage. However on September 11, 2001, we understood as never before that the bravery of our lion-hearted firefighters knows no limits.

In our city’s time of greatest need, New York’s bravest did not hesitate. They did not falter. Lawyers are men of words. However today, we have no words to express the depth of our gratitude and our grief. We men of words have been silenced by their heroism, by their patriotism.

We give thanks to the men and women who continue to do all that they can in the wake of this tragedy. Thank you to the firefighters, the police officers, EMS, the iron and construction workers, the National Guard, and the volunteers. Thank you to Con Edison and to Verizon. Thank you to the school children who write letters of encouragement and to the millions of unsung heroes who are the spirit of this superior country. Our prayers and thoughts remain with you all.

Please be assured that we stand ready and committed to help you any way we can.

Michael Barasch ’80 Continues Fight For 9/11 Community
December 12, 2017
insider_nj_logo The Lingering WTC Legacy We Ignore
December 10, 2017
the_hill_logo Forgotten victims of 9/11 are developing cancer at alarming rates
December 7, 2017
wnyc_logo Only 10 Percent of Those Eligible Have Registered for 9/11 Benefits
November 30, 2017
sonstein sessions John Feal
November 29, 2017
pix11_logo Forgotten Victims of 9/11: Michael Barasch on WPIX11 News Closeup
November 19, 2017
downtownexpress_logo Teachers, students Downtown on 9/11 should register for federal benefits, says lawyer
November 17, 2017
metrous_logo 9/11 Health info forum being held this weekend
November 17, 2017
brooklyn_daily_eagle_logo Advocates urge 9/11 victims to apply for Zadroga help
November 16, 2017
patient_worthy_logo 16 Years Later, 9-11 May Be Causing Cancer at a New York High School
November 15, 2017
daily_mail_logo Woman, 32, diagnosed with 9/11-related cancer years after the attacks which left her high school covered in toxic fumes
November 14, 2017
wor710_logo Were Teachers & Students Affected By 9/11 Cancers As Well?
November 13, 2017
the_dailycaller_logo NYC Teacher Claims One High School Is A Hotbed For Toxins From 9/11
November 11, 2017
nbc_la_logo Former NYC Students Say Cancer Is From 9/11 Debris
November 10, 2017
spectrum_news_ny1_logo Teachers’ Union Urges Teachers and Students Downtown During 9/11 Attacks to Enroll in Health Program
November 10, 2017
nypost_logo City teachers claim to be sickened by 9/11 toxins
November 10, 2017
fox5_logo Former student suspects her cancer is 9/11-related; she is not alone
November 10, 2017
kings_county_politics_logo Forgotten Victims of 9/11 Learn They Are Eligible for Federal Help If Sick
November 10, 2017
spectrum_news_ny1_logo 16 Years Later: In Need of Help
November 9, 2017
the_low_down_logo Medical Help is Available For Former Students, Teachers, Residents Sickened After 9/11
November 9, 2017
amny_logo Lower Manhattan Residents, Workers Eligible For Free 9/11-Related Health Care
November 9, 2017
amny_logo Residents, workers sickened after 9/11 qualify for federal help, but many don’t know it, officials say
November 9, 2017
NY Daily News Zadroga Act campaign to target students and teachers who attended downtown schools circa 9/11
November 9, 2017
nypost_logo Cancer cluster at top NYC school near Ground Zero, grad says
November 9, 2017
the_chief_logo Call NYCERS Unfair On 9/11 Disability Claims
October 30, 2017
the_hill_logo FEMA needs funding even after the storms have passed
September 28, 2017
labor_press_logo Deadline Approaches for Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims Seeking Closure and Compensation
September 27, 2017
the_chief_logo UFOA Head: Death Toll Tied to 9/11 Mounting Among Firefighters
September 11, 2017
labor_press_logo Michael Barasch and UFA President Gerard Fitzgerald Appear on the “Blue Collar Buzz” Radio Show
September 3, 2017
NJBlueNow_logo An Exclusive Interview with Michael Barasch, Eqs. on The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
September 2017
sonstein sessions Verizon Workers Falling Ill to September 11th Toxins
August 25, 2017
the_hill_logo Neglected US transit system — This is why we can’t have nice things
August 3, 2017
downtown_express_logo Op-Ed: 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund isn’t just for First Responders
August 3, 2017
sonstein sessions Teachers and Students Ailing From 9/11 Toxins
July 7, 2017
abc_7_logo 2 MTA track maintenance supervisors suspended following Harlem subway derailment
June 29, 2017
salt_lake_tribune_logo Gehrke: The lingering legacy of Sept. 11 hangs heavy over some Utah firefighters
June 20, 2017
the_hill_logo Silent killer — 9/11 illnesses strike national first responders
June 6, 2017
sonstein sessions Not Someone You’d Think Would Be Suffering From Post 9/11 Illnesses
May 14, 2017
the_hill_logo Slashing FEMA’s budget would put Americans last
April 15, 2017
newsday_logo Lawsuit accuses Saudi Arabia of funding 9/11 al-Qaida attacks
March 21, 2017
labor_press_logo 9/11 Fund Extends Compensation Deadline for Cancer Victims
February 24, 2017
the_hill_logo We must ensure our 9/11 first responders are protected — they acted to protect us
February 17, 2017
downtown_express_logo AG: Firm cheated 9/11 heroes with shady loans
February 15, 2017
NY1 Whistleblowing Lawyer Who Exposed Alleged 9/11 Victims’ Fund Scam Speaks Out
February 8, 2017
NY Daily News NY Attorney General says legal funding company ripped off 9/11 responders, football players with ‘unlawfully high’ interest rates
February 7, 2017
CBS NY N.J. Company Accused Of Scamming 9/11 Responders, NFL Players
February 7, 2017
USA Today Legal financial advance firm accused of scamming 9/11 heroes, NFL players
February 7, 2017
In the wind: Experts say thousands of Downtowners affected by toxic 9/11 dust still missing from Zadroga Act rolls
January 30, 2017
dnainfo_logo Why One Lawyer Will Never Stop Fighting For 9/11 Victims
Sponsored Content
dnainfo_logo 15 Years After 9/11, This Foundation Works Day in and Day Out to Help Victims
Sponsored Content
prweb_logo Leading 9/11 Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Praise September 11th Victim Compensation Fund for Meeting Payment and Rules Deadline
June 24, 2016
dailynews_small Firefighters left with sore thumbs due to heavy doors on trucks
August 4, 2015
prweb_logo Victim Compensation Fund Update: Special Master’s Office Releases Mid-year Statistics
July 21, 2015
prweb_logo Attorney for Injured and Ill 9/11 Responders and Survivors Commends House Committee Hearing on Zadroga Reauthorization
June 12, 2015
prweb_logo New York Attorney Michael Barasch Pushes Back on NY Post Article Criticizing Congress’ Effort to Extend Zadroga Act
October 9, 2014
prweb_logo New York Law Firm of Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Support GAO Validation of Providing Treatment for 9/11 Cancer Victims
September 05, 2014
prweb_logo New York Law Firm of Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Announces More Cancers Linked to Toxic World Trade Center Dust
March 07, 2014
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorney Michael Barasch Asks if 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Is Adequate as Over 35,000 New Claimants Register
October 16, 2013
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Applaud Addition of Prostate Cancer to List of 9/11 Covered Illnesses
September 25, 2013
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Urge Claimants with World Trade Center-Related Illnesses to Register for Benefits by October 3rd
September 25, 2013
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Launches New Website to Further Assist Clients
September 18, 2013
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorney at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Support Prostate Cancer Addition to List of 9/11 Covered Illnesses.
July 30, 2013
prweb_logo New York Personal Injury Attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson Warn of Sequestration’s Impact on Zadroga Compensation Act
June 11, 2013
prweb_logo NY Personal Injury Attorney Michael Barasch Praises Decision to Add 50 Types of Cancer to Illnesses Covered by the Zadroga Act
September 18, 2012
nypost_logo Feds FINALLY ready to recognize 9/11 cancer link
September 12, 2012
huffingtonpost_logo 9/11 Cancer Link To Be Recognized By Federal Government, Allowing Zadroga Act To Compensate Victims
September 10, 2012
nypost_logo Zadroga ruling adds cancer coverage for 9/11 responders
September 10, 2012
abc7_logo 9/11 responders’ cancer care to be covered by federal government
September 10, 2012
wallstreetjournal_logo Tough task for those compensating ill 9/11 workers
September 7, 2012
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Zadroga 9/11 Healthcare Act
Heroes of 9/11
Sick Ground Zero Workers to Receive Compensation
Help 9/11 Victims Sickened in the Aftermath of the Attack
New York Personal Injury Attorney Michael Barasch Urges Ground Zero Workers with Cancer to Find Out if They are Entitled to Compensation for Their WTC Injuries


New Law Could Deny Funding to 9/11 Rescuers
January 24, 2011

Michael Barasch quoted in
See Latest Press Release

cbsnews_video_logo Cause of 9/11 Death Disputed
See Michael Barasch’s appearance on CBS News
fox_logo Michael Barasch and Detective Robert Williamson discuss health and pension problems of 9/11 rescue workers
See Michael Barasch’s appearance on Fox News, April 25, 2006NYC failed to comply with OSHA by stockpiling respirators
See Michael Barasch’s interview with Fox News
cbslogo Tale of the ‘Walking Dead’
9/11 rescue worker succumbs to illness sustained during search efforts

See Michael Barasch’s interview with CBS
 nbclogo Is the compensation fund for victims of 9-11 fair?
See Michael Barasch’s interview with MSNBC Something in the air: is it really safe?
See Michael Barasch’s interview with MSNBC What sick firefighters are being told behind closed doors
Hear Jim McGarry’s interview with MSNBC
cnn Notices of claims filed to protect firefighters
See Michael Barasch’s interview with CNN NYC was unprepared: respirators not stockpiled
See Michael Barasch’s interview with CNN
thechief_logo Mayor: Zadroga A Hero, Sorry I Disputed That
November 16, 2007
newsday_logo Bloomberg sorry for ‘not a hero’ remark
November 6, 2007
nytimes Mayor Calls Detective Hero but Adds to the Confusion
November 6, 2007
dailynews_small Mayor Bloomberg promises to honor James Zadroga
November 6, 2007
nytimes Mayor Backs Away From Questioning Dead Officer’s Heroism
October 31, 2007
cbsnews_logo Fury After Bloomberg Says 9/11 Cop No Hero
October 30, 2007
nypost_logo Bloomberg: Tragic WTC cop no hero
October 30, 2007
nytimes City Says Prescription Misuse Caused Death of Detective Who Worked at 9/11 Site
October 26, 2007
therecord_logo Ground Zero worker’s death blamed on pills
October 26, 2007
thechief_logo Pension Ruling Reversed:
2 Firefighters Granted WTC Disability Pay
October 26, 2007
dailynews_small City says drug use, not dust, killed 9/11 hero James Zadroga
October 26, 2007
cbsnews_logo ME Claims 9/11 Cop Died From Drug Misuse
October 25, 2007
nytimes Family in 9/11 Dust Case Visits Medical Examiner
October 20, 2007
nypost_logo Kin Fight On In 9/11 Toxic War
October 20, 2007
cbsnews_logo 9/11 Worker’s Family Rejects Death Ruling
October 19, 2007
dailynews_small City ripped on delay of FDNY case
May 15, 2006
nytimes Letter to the Editor of The New York Times
from Michael Barasch
dailynews_small Bravest left breathless
March 23, 2005
 gazette Maloney Files Bill To Compensate Bypassed 9-11 Injured Workers
 nylawjournal Firefighters Grateful For Firm’s Representation
newsday All not over for 9/11 fund
June 17, 2004
dailynews_small Workers: Cancer is no coincidence
May 25, 2004
dailynews_small Bravest, Finest cite work at WTC and Fresh Kills
May 24, 2004
nylawjournal Fund Eases City’s Burden for 9/11-Related Injury Claims
 newsweek A False Sense of Security
March 13, 2004
amny_logo WTC COUGH
FDNY’s ranks thinned by mysterious illness
dailynews_small Tossed case hit firefighter where it hurt
nytimes Applicants Rush to Meet Deadline for Sept. 11 Fund
amny_logo Down to the wire
As deadline nears, more victims file for WTC fund

December 5-7, 2003
nylawjournal 9/11 Fund Gains Trust Among Injured, Families
Clients Abandon Litigation for Federal Compensation

November 28, 2003
dailynews_small Michael Barasch quoted in the New York Daily News on November 29, 2003 regarding discontinuing hundreds of lawsuits against the City
newsday Michael Barasch quoted in New York Newsday on September 21, 2003 regarding Ground Zero workers
sun Michael Barasch quoted in the New York Sun on July 2, 2003 regarding firefighter suits against New York City
nylawjournal Michael Barasch quoted in the New York Law Journal on June 23, 2003 regarding respirator injury suits stemming from the rescue efforts after 9/11
nylawjournal Court Strikes Another Blow to Firefighter’s Rule, May, 2003
dailynews_small Michael Barasch quoted in The Daily News on December 14, 2002 regarding the freezing of rescue worker lawsuits from 9/11
newsday Michael Barasch quoted in New York Newsday on February 5, 2002 regarding firefighters’ rights

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