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When a building, deck or fire escape collapses, the results are usually death or catastrophic injuries for the people trapped inside. After a building collapse, consult a skilled injury attorney at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson in New York City. We have handled claims directly related to this issue, and we also have a deep knowledge of all aspects of personal injury and wrongful death law. We remain respectful and loyal at all times, answering your questions and addressing all your concerns. Don’t wait to work with a lawyer who will make a true difference in your life.

Why do buildings and building components collapse?

Although New York City maintains strict building codes, there are hundreds of structures that suffer from inadequate maintenance, design defects and other hazards. The following are some of the most common causes of building collapses:

  • Engineering or design flaws. Poor designs or architectural failures may result in buildings that are inherently unstable due to hazardous stairs, roof collapses and other problems. Over time, these flaws could result in the structure collapsing completely.
  • Defective building materials. Construction companies sometimes use cheap materials to save on costs. When they do this, they jeopardize the integrity and long-term durability of the building.
  • Failure to inspect or maintain. Building owners have a responsibility to keep their structures up to code and perform regular inspections to ensure the safety of everyone in and around them. Unfortunately, some owners are neglectful in maintaining their buildings.
  • Explosions or fire hazards. As a recent building collapse in Harlem demonstrated, fires and building explosions are also pressing concerns for owners, tenants and construction workers. Owners need to make sure that gas leaks and other hazards are addressed immediately.

Construction workers are particularly at risk

One of the most common places where building collapses take place is on construction sites, as incomplete buildings sometimes do not have the proper foundation and create unsafe work conditions. In these situations, injured workers and their families may need to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, as well as a personal injury lawsuit if the collapse was caused by an outside party. If a loved one has died in a construction accident due to a collapsing building, your family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the individuals or entities at fault.

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