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Construction Falls

Fighting For Injured New York Construction Workers After Falls

Have you been hurt falling from a scaffold, roof, ladder or other tall height while working at a construction site? Whether or not the accident was your fault, you are entitled to New York workers compensation benefits to pay for lost wages and medical care. However, if the injury was caused by an unsafe job site, faulty equipment or other preventable condition that was not your fault, you may be able to file an additional liability lawsuit against an entity other than your employer who caused your accident. An important part of a construction accident attorney’s job is to help determine who else may be at fault.

The Number One Cause Of Death At A Construction Site

Every year, almost 5,000 workers die as the result of a job-related injury or illness, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Falls remain the most frequent cause of death at a construction site across the United States. According to, the most commonly cited OSHA violations include scaffolding, unsafe fall protection and unsatisfactory standards for hazard communication.

OSHA and the state of New York both issue and implement stringent safety standards to protect New York’s workers from job-related injuries and illnesses. Employers have to meet all state-mandated safety requirements. Workers must be provided with adequate safety gear, such as harnesses, guardrail systems, safety nets, warning lines and positioning device systems.

Employees should be trained properly and provided with well-maintained equipment. In the event you suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence, New York law gives you a chance to file a lawsuit against the site owner and general contractor in the event you fall from a height. A New York personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence and information to prove another party was at fault for your injury.

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Consult An Injury Attorney First

The time after a fall can be chaotic. Before you sign papers or speak with company insurance agents, make sure you understand your rights and legal options. Take advantage of a free consultation with an experienced construction accident attorney from Barasch & McGarry and tell your side of the story before making any decisions that could affect you and your family’s ability to gain compensation or other benefits.

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