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Defective Building Conditions

Legal Help for Injuries Caused by Defective Building Conditions in New York City

Defective building conditions can result in death or serious injuries, including catastrophic injuries that affect you or your loved ones for many years to come. If you’ve been injured due to defective premises, speak with a lawyer at Barasch & McGarry. Our New York City attorneys have decades of experience in all aspects of personal injury law and a deep passion for helping injured people across our city. We have a proven track record of success and know how to handle injury or wrongful death claims related to defective building conditions in New York.

What Are Defective Conditions?

Defective conditions on a property are dangerous for all tenants, residents and guests, and in extreme situations may result in a building collapse. The following are some examples of defective building conditions:

  • Water damage – This type of damage can cause long-term problems for a building, especially if mold builds up after a burst pipe or leaky roof. Mold in particular can cause serious health concerns for individuals who live in the property.
  • Cracks and sags – These issues often affect foundation, floors, ceilings and walls. Over time, these cracks get bigger and bigger, eventually causing the building to lose stability.
  • Burst pipes – Water and sewer lines must be properly installed and regularly maintained to function properly. Failure to do so could cause one of these pipes to burst, causing significant injuries and property damage. Gas leaks could eventually result in a building explosion.
  • Defective design – Architects may design buildings that are fundamentally flawed and unstable, resulting in a collapse. In some cases, a collapse may occur during construction, injuring workers in the process.
  • Cheap materials – Construction companies sometimes use cheaper materials in an effort to save costs, and over the long term these materials are much more likely to fail.

My husband and I were very pleased with the outcome. He received as much assistance as needed to understand every single document and the progress of his case. Everybody we had work with was highly professional, motivated, friendly, supportive and always available to us.

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Who’s At Fault For Injuries Caused By Defective Building Conditions?

There may be several levels of liability for one of these accidents, and you may need to seek compensation from negligent building owners, construction companies, subcontractors and/or architectural firms. If you’re a worker who has been injured at a job site, you may need assistance pursing workers’ compensation benefits. In many cases, these accidents are serious, resulting in injuries to the back, neck, head and brain, as well as broken bones and fractures.

A Widely Respected New York Personal Injury Law Firm

After an injury caused by defective building conditions, call on the experienced attorneys at Barasch & McGarry right away for help understanding your rights and legal options.

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Defective Building Conditions

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