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Elevator Accident Attorneys in NYC

Injuries are frequent and devastating in the city of high rises

New York has more than 60,000 working elevators. It shouldn’t be surprising that several dozen accidents are reported every year. Some of those accidents are deadly, and when they occur, they capture the attention of the millions in the city who rely on elevators every day.

Because elevator and escalator accidents are so common, Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson has handled many cases over the decades. We have developed particular experience in this complex area of injury law, and New Yorkers have come to rely on that experience to help them recover just compensation.

Breaking down elevator accidents

In a city of aging buildings, old, poorly maintained elevators are often the cause of accidents. Sometimes, though, an elevator was not up to snuff from the moment it was designed or installed. Manufacturing companies who design bad equipment, building owners who delay repairs, and maintenance crews who slack on-the-job can all be held liable in court if their failures cause an injury.

Serious personal injuries and even death can occur when an elevator is not properly leveled, a door malfunctions, cables snap, or elevators suddenly drop or stop. Doors are often a source of injury accidents. They may open while the cabin is not present or when they are leaned upon. Elevators that move up or down while the door is open can trap limbs and entire bodies.  Elevator and escalator injuries can be caused by:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Inadequate or improper maintenance of elevators or components
  • Failure to warn that an elevator/escalator is not functioning
  • Failure to follow building codes
  • Failure to follow elevator/escalator laws and regulations
  • Overcapacity
  • Failed safety mechanisms

The resources to identify responsible parties

Isolating the cause of an accident can be difficult because of the complex nature of elevator operation. Our premises liability lawyers frequently rely on reputable experts who understand these complex pieces of machinery. We seek the investigative skills of specialists in maintenance procedures, engineering and even metallurgy.

We delve into every possible aspect of an accident to identify the cause and the parties responsible. Our comprehensive investigation often includes reviewing all work records, repair contracts, employment contracts, inspection reports and video footage.

Do not settle for just any lawyer when an elevator causes harm

If you or a loved one has been injured, you owe it to yourself to see how a lawyer at our firm can help. Contact Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson online or at 888.746.8212 to discuss your case for free with a skilled attorney at our firm.


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