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New York Automobile Accident Attorneys

Finding an effective New York auto accident attorney: 4 characteristics

What makes one New York automobile accident attorney more effective than another, and why does it matter if a car accident victim chooses one attorney versus another? Aren’t they all essentially the same as long as they understand New York’s No-Fault insurance laws?

All NY car accident lawyers are definitely NOT the same, and with the cost of medical treatment continuing to rise, it is more important than ever for auto accident victims to make sure they seek professional advice. A thorough understanding of New York’s No-Fault insurance laws is definitely important, but that knowledge alone isn’t nearly enough to qualify a lawyer to represent an injured client effectively.

So what are the characteristics to look for when you need an effective New York automobile accident lawyers?

  1. They know the law inside and out, not just from books, but also from experience. To get results requires a NY injury lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the legal theory behind accident and personal injury law as well as the applicable laws, regulations, and procedures. This kind of knowledge can be gained only by handling many, many cases, from start to finish, over a long period of time.
  2. They have a deep connection to and familiarity with local legal institutions, regulatory agencies and people. Every city, state and local area has its own rules and regulations that govern the practice of personal injury and accident law. It would be virtually impossible for a firm efficiently to represent its clients if it didn’t know the ins and outs of where to go and whom to see to get things done. It’s not enough to have a good legal strategy; it’s also important to know the local landscape so you effectively can execute that strategy.
  3. They have a proven record of success. All of the experience, legal knowledge, and local expertise in the world won’t do any good if the attorney can’t get results for their clients by winning cases in court, negotiating satisfactory settlements, or facilitating the no-fault compensation process. Results are what counts — if clients aren’t happy with the results, the firm may not be the best choice.
  4. They are expert negotiators and trial lawyers. Auto accident attorneys should have extensive experience at negotiating settlements as well as trying cases. They should also have the experience to guide clients in the often difficult choice of whether to settle a case, or try it.

Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson: an effective New York City law firm

With extensive experience in personal injury and accident cases, the attorneys of Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson know the theory and the practice of accident law in New York City like no other personal injury attorneys.

The firm has been based in New York since its inception. All of the firm’s attorneys have deep roots in New York City and live, work and raise their families there. Because they always have been New York-based, they know the agencies, courts, people and quirks of practicing personal injury law in New York City.

The record of the firm speaks for itself: the attorneys routinely win multimillion-dollar awards for their clients, and have won over $500 million on behalf of injured New York City firefighters since 2003. With a New York auto accident lawyer from Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson, you know you have representation that repeatedly has demonstrated it can achieve great results, and dedicated to doing the same for you.

The New York auto accident lawyers at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson will fight hard on your behalf to get the best outcome for you no matter what. They are tough, seasoned negotiators that take advantage of every opportunity to get results for their clients.

Please call us toll free at 888.746.8212 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation review of your case, and to learn what having an effective lawyer on your side can mean for you and your family.


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