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New York City Attorneys Manage MTA Accidents and Negligence Claims

Accomplished attorneys hold mass transit bureaucracy accountable

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority oversees one of the world’s largest mass transit systems, combining subway lines, commuter railways, bus routes, bus rapid transit, bridges and tunnels. Its area of operations includes the five boroughs of New York City and the suburban counties of Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester. The MTA’s daily ridership on all forms of transit exceeds 8.6 million. So, when one of those riders, or any other individual, suffers an injury due to negligence on behalf of the MTA or any of its employees, it’s unlikely that the system will grind to a halt. A system this big is not going to take notice of your injury, but at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson, we will. We’re experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys who have the dedication and resources to challenge the MTA and obtain justice for you.

Who is responsible for an injury on the MTA?

The fact that your injury occurred on MTA property or MTA equipment does not automatically mean the MTA is responsible. You must be able to prove negligence on the part of the agency or one of its employees acting within the scope of employment. It would be difficult to prove that the MTA is responsible for a random violent act by one of its passengers, but the agency could be liable for injuries due to:

  • Construction
  • Equipment failure
  • Poor track maintenance
  • Poor station maintenance
  • Operator error
  • Signal failure

If you are injured, report the incident and get help immediately. After a subway or bus accident, it’s important that you don’t leave the scene without reporting what has happened. Otherwise, it may be impossible to verify that you were actually hurt at that time and place.

Filing an injury claim against a government agency

If you are injured in a transit accident, it’s important to note whether it was an MTA service or a private carrier. MTA lines and facilities include:

  • New York City subways
  • New York City buses
  • Staten Island Railway
  • Long Island Railroad
  • Metro-North Railroad
  • Many intra-city bridges & tunnels

The statute of limitations restricts the time you have before you must file a lawsuit or lose your right to sue forever. For most personal injury claims, the statute of limitations in New York is three years. However, when you must sue a government agency, you must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of an accident. This allows the agency 30 days to request a pre-suit hearing and begin negotiating a settlement. You must file suit within one year and 90 days of the injury event. This tight time frame makes it even more important for you to consult an experienced attorney as quickly as possible after a bus or train accident. The MTA has attorneys who do nothing but manage injury claims and they are well-trained to close those claims for as little as possible. Having a dedicated attorney from Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson on your side levels the playing field, because we fight vigorously for the compensation to which you are entitled.

Contact our respected attorneys for an evaluation of your MTA accident

The accident lawyers of Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson have the experience and resources to represent your claim against the MTA. You can expect fierce resistance paying you anywhere near what your injuries are worth, but our aggressive attorneys are determined to obtain fair compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced bus accident attorney, call 888.746.8212 or contact us online.


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