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Appliances have made life easier for consumers in countless ways. Because appliances are everywhere, we have a tendency to take their functionality for granted. When appliances malfunction, however, it can be more than just an annoyance — sometimes, these malfunctions can be dangerous, leading to serious injury. The New York City lawyers at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson have handled injury claims directly related to consumer appliance accidents, so don’t hesitate to work with a member of our team today. We have nearly 100 years of collective experience and have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of personal injury law. Our team can help you seek compensation from negligent product manufacturers for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.

Malfunctioning consumer appliances can be dangerous

Some of the most commonly malfunctioning appliances include the following:

  • Hot water heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Space heaters
  • Propane tanks
  • Toasters
  • Curling irons
  • Lamps and fans
  • Stoves and ovens

All of these items, including defective water heaters, have the potential to contain faulty wiring, which can cause burns, fires and electrocutions. In addition, other types of appliances such as paper shredders and washing machines have led to other types of serious injuries, such as limb amputation. Malfunctioning consumer appliances often fall under the category of products liability. There are three general types of product defects that trigger liability concerns: design defects, manufacturing defects and marketing defects.

Design defects arise when a product is inherently dangerous but has been technically manufactured correctly according to the factory’s standards. Manufacturing defects are mistakes that occur during the object’s assembly. Marketing defects arise from inadequate user warnings or instructions.

Appliance fires present dangers

Major appliances, including dishwashers and refrigerators, cause a surprisingly high number of residential fires every year, resulting in serious injury and death. Although human error sometimes plays a role, defective appliances result in many of these fires. In some cases, it’s been shown that a malfunctioning appliance has turned on by itself, as was the case in a 2010 recall of more than 100,000 cooktops and ranges that led to fires. Appliance fires often damage more than the appliance — they can cause damage to your home as well.

Dangerous, fire-causing appliance defects and explosions have led some companies to recall millions of appliances in recent years, and many consumers have chosen to take manufacturers of their faulty appliances to court. Although companies settling products liability lawsuits out of court often fight to keep their safety information and agreements confidential, consumers have nevertheless been able to successfully receive compensation for damages and injuries caused by faulty appliances.

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